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Hi! I have identified a used Sonata Gold of Mar 2002 model, the milage is about 50,000 kms. Would like to know, a) if i buy this car will it be heavy on pocket in terms of maintenance b) will this car creat any technical/engine problem in future. Pls suggest. Thanks Utkarsh
By Utkarsh 08 August 2009

Modern engine and powertrains are designed and built to last thousands of kilometers - an engine that has done 50,000 km should not give you any major issues provided: a) the car has been maintained well with routine service carried out as per schedule, b) the mileage is genuine and not tampered.

a) The car is likely to be slightly expensive to maintain as it is a D-segment vehicle.

b) Hyundai engines are known to be proven reliable performers, and as such the engine should serve you well.

Remember to get the car thoroughly checked before you buy to avoid any hassles later.

Good luck.

Answer by Jayesh 08 August 2009

Thanks Jayesh for your quick response. I'll keep these things in mind.


Answer by Utkarsh 08 August 2009

Mr. Utkarsh,

For the benefit of readers, will you please inform the purchase price of 2002 Sonata?
Thank you.

Answer by Pirebhuoo 08 August 2009

Yes sure.. The owner is expecting around 2.6 from this. However i still need to do a physical examination.


Answer by Utkarsh 08 August 2009

This is a 2nd owner. I'll be 3rd owner if i purchase this.

Answer by Utkarsh 08 August 2009
Expert`s comment:

The offer seema to be a genuine onf econsidering mileage covered but the overall condition is to checked thoroughly before finalysing the deal as it maintenance cost will be on higher side.Recommended to get a general checkup done before finalysing the deal.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 08 August 2009
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