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Hi ,recently I have booked Ritz VXi model,after having few satisfying test drives and getting overall good feedbacks across different forums/word of mouth.I have given asked for a waiting period of 2 months here in Kolkata.Although,I am quite confident about my decision of going for Ritz,what I am bit confused about, is that with almost similar specs (slightly on the lower end)i10 was coming with good discounts and fully loaded features (Sportz model) and a conventional overall look.Is paying this extra bucks for Ritz would be worth for me in future and considering long term ownership? I feel,Ritz has got a good response all over,is that true? please help me in clarifying my confusios/doubts,so that I may proceed forward confidently with my decision..
By Sourav 08 August 2009
Expert`s comment:

The discount offers depends upon the company policy.As Ritz is newly launched, it wont come with discounts.However as far as waitig period and usage of the vehicle for long term is concerned, Itwil be a good selection and as already booked, its worth waiting for 2 months.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 08 August 2009

Thanks a lot Mr.Shiva for your reply.Just to further clear a little bit of my confusion,will this extra amount spent by me on Ritz (in comparison to its nearest contender i10,price-wise) would be a wise decision? Can the fuel efficiency be expected to be much better in Ritz in comparison to i10? lookwise,I have very much liked the new sporty looks of Ritz,but what I am apprehensive about, is that I should not be an alien in future on deciding on the looks of this car accepted well all over and does this have the potential to be the toughest contender for its present segment leaders and be segment-leader in future ? pls excuse me for my doubts as I am going to spend a considerable amount and hope that i take the best decision at thus juncture..

Answer by Sourav 08 August 2009

Ritz is far better car then i10 in all aspects, secondly you cannot compare i10 with ritz becouse segment wise ritz is one notch above then i10.ritz can be compared with swift, indica vista, getz,punto this comprises of b+ segment.and i10 is B segment car which is a lower segment.

go for ritz.

Answer by Dheeraj 08 August 2009

Hi Sourav-It is not clear which model of the i10 are you pitting the ritz VXI against? If you are considering the I10 IRDE, then it is no match against the ritz - the ritz has a much more powerful and contemporary engine (1.2 K12M). However, if you are considering the i10 Kappa sportz, then there would definitely be a case of buying that over the ritz VXI.

Answer by Sanjeev Chopra 08 August 2009

Ritz is no dout a better option than I10 but i would prefer go for the ritz vdi, keeping in mind the present market diesel is always a better option and suzuki diesel engines are great.

Answer by Arindam Bhattacharya 08 August 2009

You are unnecassarily getting confused,since you like the ritz go in for it,and yes the i10 is a segment lower than the ritz even if you consider the i10 asta with sunroof and all,it is the size of the car which decides the segment not the features.and yes i10 is a good car too but comparing it with the ritz is unfair to the i10.

Answer by Rohit 08 August 2009

Reg ritz its not sucessful vehicle in india, u better go for i10, or i20 good models and good disconts also available.

Answer by AJAY 08 August 2009

Sourav, I was in the same state of confusion as you are right now. I have also booked Ritz VXI with a assurance that I will get back my booking amount. After that I researched for two months and asked the car expert and everybody suggested me to go for Ritz and I bought the car. It has a edge over i10 considering fresh looks,
3.more spacious,
4.more power which u must have felt while test drive,
5.Maruti's after sale service

Last thing is that u should go by ur heart which I have done. In long run spending more on ritz is justified.

Answer by Varun 08 August 2009

When you go for a car due consideration has to be paid to the resale value , easy availibility of affordable spares and a good network of service centres. Maruti beats Hyundai hands down in these aspects.

Answer by Robin 08 August 2009

recently i booked ritz vxi on 19 th dec,when will i get delivery of 2012 vehicle ,also i am little confused between wagnor vxi and ritz vxi,my height is 5.10 .which car should i go .

Answer by SAMEER 01 January 2012

The i10 is a complete car when compared to the Ritz design. Each one above has answered with the fact that you have already made the choice.
The Ritz is a fun car it has bigger wheels lots of room but what happens to its rear, it looks like a bread loaf where half the slices are fallen off, the car will have not much resale value and what is the use of good service as new cars do not have any problems in the first three years. so Riitz if you want to remain with a car for say 10 to 15 years.

Answer by Raju Srivastav 01 January 2012


Answer by SAMEER 01 January 2012
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