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regarding old bullet (from 1970 to 1985) if we make fully reconditioned. how much we can expected the milege in the city area with nice rider
By Raj 08 August 2009

25+ in chennai city traffic

Answer by Jayanth 08 August 2009

there is a same out look in several year model . but many diffrence in drving due to going less in weight .. 1970 to 1972 middle bullet weight is 180 kg . after this model coming in 160 kg .. in origin settings u may get 1972 model maximum 32/35 in perfact running .. and 1975 to 1995 it will give 35 to 40 .. but may increase some millge by some change s carbutor of pulsar and gladitor near about 50kmpl... if u found any 1972 before modelit will be best in drving and there will no repair engine earlier

Answer by Gautam Jain Chennai 08 August 2009
Expert`s comment:

Bullet of 70 to85 even after reconditioning you canget mileage of maximum of 25 to 30KMPL.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 08 August 2009

OLD bullet kmpl would be 26-27 max. with reduced power and frequent repair work pains ( due to assembled junk )

Buy a new one as the old one would cost you around one lakh in five years . - poor economic sense with LOADS OF BREAKDOWN AND LOW FUEL EFFICIENCY tensions

Answer by Virk 08 August 2009

could you tell me regarding the repainting, plating (Steel coating) and re-engine setup for Royal Enfield Bullet how much we have to spend ????

Answer by Rajesh 08 August 2009

Hi raj after reconditioning Bullet of 70 to85 it will be 30 to bullet was 185 model & average was 34& before reconditioningit was 25

Answer by Sakib Naik 08 August 2009

in case of diesel u can expect 55-60 kmph and petrol 35-42.

Answer by AJAY 08 August 2009

Mr Raj ,

owning old model bullet is for pride, and for pride you have to pay a price. my personal advice would be please dont ever calculate mileage on old bullet .

Answer by Anand 08 August 2009

If you are thinking about average then u should buy a puma. thats awesome. gives 100.
are u kidding me...
you need to have a big heart for riding a bull. I would rather skip my lunch and buy petrol for my bullet instead.
Either u love bullet, or u dont. There is no gray area in between. If u love it, just take it, and enjoy the thump. I miss that sound. I like it more than harley. Bullet is legendary.

Answer by ABC 08 August 2009

around 35 kmpl

Answer by Som 08 August 2009

Dear Sir,

I have known old bikes giving upto 42 kms per lit. It all depends upon your mech, but I think to expect 32 kmpl is decent enough., may be max about 28 in city limits

Answer by Rakesh 09 September 2009

Hi in a city like Hyderabad u can expect only upto 30-35 and my Enfield gives 31 it's is 1989 model one .....we'll satisfied

Answer by Nitish Reddy 09 September 2014

I have an 1985 bullet
I planned to sell it
It has good condition in both engine wais and body
Contact me 9048294794

Answer by Sufail 02 February 2017

I had 1975 model good condition and mileage.....

Answer by BALAMURUGAN 08 August 2017

I am having bullet 1985 model with a classy no. i would like to sell it if i get the right amount. Bike engine is new and driven 150km only. paint job is needed. 7986821118

Answer by Sahib 02 February 2018

My 1985 royalenfield
give 38kmpl

Answer by Sahib 02 February 2018

Anybody knowing about Royal Enfield having register no. TDH 207 - 1985 model.

Answer by Varadharajan 03 March 2018

Sir I have a Enfield military base 1974 ...what is the opinion about that i goat 37-40 milage

Answer by Sree 03 March 2018

respected sir
i have 1975 model bullet but mileage is below 15 what can do

Answer by M K Pattnaik 11 November 2022
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