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I am planing to buy new Accent Exe. I am confused with the color. Can some one tell me which color is good. I know it is personal choice but I have narrowed it to Grey, Beige and Silver...
By Kaustubh 08 August 2009

Hi Kaustubh, (1) If you plan to keep the car for a maximum of 3 years, will get a teflon coating done, have a cleaner who can clean the car at least once a day, drive carefully and live in an area and drive on routes which are clean and do not usually expect scratches or bumps to come on the car - then go for black. Most sedans look absolutely great in black. (2) If you want a low maintenance colour which will look the same after even 4 years, then silver or beige would be fine. They are easy to maintain, too much dust does not show up easily, scratches also do not show up unless others look too closely. But they do not look as "ROYAL" or classy as black. Happy selection!!!

Answer by Sanjeev Chopra 08 August 2009

Thanks Sanjeev,

I am not sure about Black as it is has hell lot of maintance. I am thinking about Silver but not seen new accent in silver so i am not sure about it...

Answer by Kaustubh 08 August 2009
Expert`s comment:

Theough colour selection depends larly upon individual preferences, Hyundai Accent Beige colour will be a good selection

Answer by Shiva Shankar 08 August 2009

for accent u r self go for creamish white, alloy wheels, or black colour very good looking and dignity vehicles. always on roads, think and take disicion

Answer by Ajay 08 August 2009

Hi Ajay,

They do not have creamish white otherwise I was planning to buy the same color. My wife does not want blank color.

Answer by Kaustubh 08 August 2009

congrats on ur decision to buy a new car.
i hv real earth colour, it looks nice,(golden tinge), black and pure white are other two colors, which i like,
silver is getting quiet common with indica, all around.
best of luck.

Answer by Umesh 08 August 2009


Answer by SKP 08 August 2009

Silver Accent with good maintainance gives a excellent looks

Answer by Harpreet Singh 08 August 2009

Thank you all for your opinion..

I have booked Accent with Silver color. With this I am installing following Music system (ICE) please let me know your suggestion

HU:- Pioneer 31XX
Front speaker:- JBL GTO 240watts
Rear speaker:- JBL GTO 400watts

With this combination do I need ampli and woofer?

Answer by Kaustubh 08 August 2009
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