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Hi All,I decided to buy a Hyundai i10 car, but a confusion still stands is that which among these 2 engines 1Ltr or 2Ltr,which is the best value for money.Please think it in deep on this matter and give me everybodys advice please.
By Abraham George 08 August 2009

IRDE (1.1 ltr) engine is cheaper by 40,000 rs but not as refined as KAPPA (1.2 ltr). Performance also a vast improvement in kappa over irde but the mileage is same in both. So choice depends on your wallet

Answer by Shodhan 08 August 2009
Expert`s comment:

Its advisable to go for 1.2Liter versionas it has more power and better performance.i10 has poweroutput of 67BHP where as 1.2 liter has 80BHP.Apart from this 1.2 has more features and also the higher price tag.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 08 August 2009

Hi George, the Kappa engine is definitely better - refined, more powerful, almost the same mileage as the IRDE engine, newer technology, better driveability on highway and city. The important factor is whether you would prefer to spend the extra money to buy the 1.2 Kappa. In other words, if you can afford it, go for the kappa - but remember, the price at which you get the 1.2 kappa, you could also consider the Maruti Swift (1.3 litre engine) or Maruti Ritz (1.2 Lietre engine) in the same price bracket.

Answer by Sanjeev Chopra 08 August 2009
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