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Is Idica Xeta V2 good as compared to Alto neglecting the mileage. Comparing the Other Features and cars with my budget is upto 3.25 Only.
By Ameet Shah 08 August 2009

Hello Ameet,
Yes A indica xeta is far much better compared to alto interms of space and looks wise.

Answer by Amith 08 August 2009

yes indica vista is better than alto/in all aaspests them milage
but with 3.25 budgrt u wont be able to buy a new indica .
buying 2nd oner car is not useful 4 diesil ingine if u r looking for lonk term i suggest u go for sataro xing.

Answer by Pranav 08 August 2009
Expert`s comment:

Indica Xeta has better build quality and space than that of Alto and hence would make a good and reliable selection.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 08 August 2009

Hello Amit,
Disregarding mileage, Indica Xeta is a better option in terms of build & space, but petrol engines are not Tata's forte - alternately, you could consider Spark / Santro's base model

Answer by Dipankar 08 August 2009

Hi Ameet, I had Indica Xeta and will not advise you buy one. The milege is very less, interior has poor quality plastic and tata's petrol engine have pathetic resale value. Trust me I have experienced this. Dont compromise with this car, you will have to pay later. Dont know about Spark but Alto and Santro definately have higher milege and resale value. Also TATA has poor after sale service, dont buy Xeta.

Answer by Jasmeet 08 August 2009

It is value for money. Car is spacious but engine is more noisy & vibration mileage will b less but I converted into cng & cost 1.35 rs/km on highway with ac & 1.5-1.6 rs/km in city with ac.

Answer by Dr Ketan Jinwala 08 August 2009

Dear Amit
i would suggest to come out from the circle of Alto and Xeta improve your budget Little to 4.25 lac and enjoy the all world class benifits of highest millage with greater pick up no mait et with lowest version of Indica Vista QuadraJet Terra Version
the engine of the said model is from Fiat which is same in Murati Swift.

Answer by KURKUTE JD 08 August 2009

Indica Xeta is much better compared to Alto. A good 1200CC engine, Really good AC, Good driving experience in City as well as highways, Good power steering... And every thing comes within Rs 3.25 lakh.

Answer by Chinmay 08 August 2009

If your average monthly usage is more than 1200 kms...go for the Indica DLS V2.
If your monthly mileage is less than 1200 and you normally take your family along ( i mean more like a weekend car than a personal office commuter) then go for the Xeta (lots of space, good engine, SAFE).
Alto is good if you plan to use it more like a single or two person car. It is too small for the family. Has the 796 cc engine compared to the Xeta's 1.2. Interior space is at a premium. If you are anything more than 5.10 tall, go for the Xeta.
The DLS and Xeta both pay for themselves in the long run. Tata parts are cheap. go for the extended warranty. The resale value is good. (Alto has a better perceived value)...
The Xeta is far more comfortable, has good pickup.
Also the Xeta is better on the highway than the Alto on a full load.
Go for the Xeta...6 years, 3 Tata cars personally, 2 Marutis (800 and Wagon-r) and an Ikon choice is still the Tata. VFM...

Answer by Nikhil 08 August 2009

Hi Ameet,

Yes if the mileage and maintainance is neg than its good for space built and power compared to alto.

And also the New xeta sport will be good try an test drive.

Answer by Mahesh 08 August 2009

Definetely Xeta V2 is much better than Alto. the petrol engine of XETA is also very good. though many people consider the petrol engine of TATA is not good but i have used the vehicle and it is very good. the vehicle is stable at high speed at 120kmph with AC on and milage is also good. i am getting 10-11 with AC ON in Kolkata and at highway it gives 17KMPL with AC. very comfortable and cheerful. do you want more in 3.25L. from Aug 2006 i have not got any problem in my vehicle.

Answer by Alok Shanker 08 August 2009

I too would advise you to follow jasmmeet advise and never go for tata xeta

Answer by Harvinder Singh 08 August 2009

Any day. maruti makes over priced dinky cars and survives on a wide dealership network and cheap spares. Indica is most spacious in its class. The refinement levels are on the way up with each new model since the original indica.Demand from the service providers because tht is the only weak link.

Answer by Suraj 08 August 2009

pls dont go for indica revalue is very worst,if u want petrol segment u can better try i10 or ritz

Answer by Suman 08 August 2009

hi ameet, I have tata indiac xeta v2 , trust me if you have no worry about the average then its a good choice.

Answer by Navin Bhaskar 08 August 2009

definitly go 4 the indica,u can also consider the new "indica vista saffire".....though not the most powerful engine,bt definitly the best value for money......
our family first car was a indica dle,n now its indica vista tdi..
so take fom me,u ll never repent ur decision on buying a tata product....

Answer by Sambit 08 August 2009
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