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Hi I am planning to buy fiat Linea Emotion pack. But I am confused which fuel variant to buy.( petrol or disel). I have few qwestion in mind like fuel efficency , noise, performance and resale value of both variants. My daily running is 50Kms. kindly advice
By Avinash Bhagwat 08 August 2009
Expert`s comment:

For limited usage on regular basis, it will be worthy of going for a petrol version with which the cost of ownership is lesser and also you can enjoy the comfort of comparitively smoother performance engine.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 08 August 2009

To anwer the question, lets look at the dynamics. Petrol costs 48 vs 36 for diesel (check prices at your end too please). Mileage of petrol will be 10/14 depending upon usage and diesel will be 14/18. So the daily running costs will be (5rs * 50km & 3*50km) 250rs vs 150rs approx. That means u save 3000K every month and need 2.5year to recover the extra capital cost of the diesel, which is not bad thing. Also consider the higher resale price that the diesel car will fetch you. So at 50km, a diesel is a better bet, but not by a large margin. If you run say 70 or 80km per day, then the advantage of diesel engine will be significant.

Answer by Yusuf 08 August 2009
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