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Sir, could you tell me the differences in between Royal Enfiled Bullet 350 and Bullet Std 12V because i am going to buy a secondhand one 1995 to 1998 registreation and how much can i pay for that

By Rajesh on Aug 13, 2009


  • Expert Hi.
    Bullet STD 12V and 350 both are same.350 is bit upgraded version.You can uy Bullet of 1995/98 for around 35K.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Aug 13, 2009

    Answer by GAUTAM JAIN CHENNAI on Aug 14, 2009

  • Dear,
    As far as Royal Enfield is concerned, itz the older model, very precisely of the 1959's.The Engine is different from the later models. The Engine Begin is slightly bigger and heavier, so it moves more easily, since it has more gravity. It was also fitted with roller Bearings.
    Now the available Bullets made from the years 1975-1988 are very good performers. All the spares are available. beyond 1988, there is some change in the engine material quality etc., The price for the 1985-1988 models would again depend on the condition of the Bike. you may invest anywhere between 15000 to 25000.and even this is not the final price line, since it depends upon the seller and the buyers interest.
    Happy biking, with ur Bullet.
    B.Kishore Kumar
    Answer by Kishore Kumar on Aug 14, 2009

  • It is very difficult to reply about the price. It depends bike conditions and papers status.In a Bullet you can spent a huge amount in different way by modification or royal maintanance. So How can I say how much you have to spent for buying a bullet manufacturing in between 1995 to 1998. But my suggesstion to spent little more and grab a good bullet to avoid to go garage regular. After six months no suggesstion will require.
    Thanks and best wishes.
    Anupam, Kolkata, M: 09883302470
    Answer by Anupam Biswas on Aug 14, 2009

  • Getting an older bullet makes much sense. just make sure its engine is good. bullet engines have very long life. so u can get excellent bullets which were made even like 50 yrs ago. Infact those are more expensive, due to the heavy crank shaft model. I had a 1984 bullet. It was awesome. Go for some older model.(models before 1978 are expensive). Go for any model after that, make sure engine is in good shape. and the chassis is not cracked, rusted etc-. Put some money in it and that would be much better. U can buy it from a lot of places, i cannot go into detail but try checking out the bullet workshop outside moti nagar post office, delhi. His name is pappu, u can get a good one for like 12-15k.
    I miss the thump man. It sounds better than harley, i feel.
    Answer by ABC on Aug 15, 2009

  • Correction: not moti nagar post office but mayapuri post office, delhi
    Answer by ABC on Aug 15, 2009

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