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Hi, I am living in Gurgaon and want to purchase a new car. Range should not be more than 6.0 L. So I am confused. Can anybody suggest me a good option in my range? I am thinking for Accent but i did not get good comments on net for this car. So please suggest me.
By Pallav Mathur 08 August 2009

I dont think there can be any car better than an accent in the 6 lakh budget,another car you can consider is the swift dzire but personally i hate the looks of the dzire..

Answer by Rohit 08 August 2009

Hi Pallav-You have not mentioned your requirements - hatchback / sedan, petrol / diesel, no of persons travelling regularly, etc,etc. Assuming you need a petrol and want a sedan suggest the Swift Dzire VXI / ZXI, Ford Fiesta (I think there is an offer where you may get it for 5.55 lakhs - ex showroom) - good value for money at that price. Should you want a diesel suggest - Swift Dzire VDI, Indica Vista Quadrajet, Swift VDI with ABS, Fiat Grade Punto. Remember apart from the first option in Diesels, all other are hatchbacks.

Answer by Sanjeev Chopra 08 August 2009

Simply Go for Punto, if you want Hatchback or Go for Ford ICON Diesel/Petrol if you want a Sedan. Both of them are the best machines available on Indian Roads in sub 6 lac Price.

Happy buying!

Answer by Amardeep 08 August 2009

Hai Mr pallav,

Accent is the best Car in 6 Lac.I dont know who has suggested that Accent is not good.
Choice is yours,Everybody is saying Accent is Best.I am using it from last 3 years without any complain.

Answer by Kewalkrishan Gaur 08 August 2009

Buy any car but don't buy TATA Car or any other which is maintained by them (FIAT).

Answer by Puneet Sharma 08 August 2009

No ford or tata better go for honda or maruti i hate ford or

Answer by Vishveshwaran 08 August 2009

FIAT PUNTO EMOTION MJD, just go for it

Answer by Abhi 08 August 2009
Expert`s comment:

The options include Indica CS,Accent,Logon etc. which are available within the budget range.If you go for hatch youwil have lot options including Fiat Punto,Indica Vista,Hyundai i10,i20,Chevrolet Spark,UV-A,Maruti Seift,Astar,Ritz etc.
Amomg those the maincompetiton will be among Punto,Vista,Swift,i20.Though all have good performance Punto does make a good selection for its updated features and performance, range of price according to features required.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 08 August 2009

hie im iqbal singh dis side im havng hyundai accent 2001 sep. model black cobra color (mouse color,gryish), 2nd owner, petrol,well mainitained,power window ,power steering, fully insured..! amt.175000

Answer by Iqbal Singh 08 August 2009

In theses days we have too many options in indian market, but if you are already 01 step ahead and making plan to buy Acent, then it is also a very good option,since i am using the same from long time, i ahve skoda , pajero etc, but accent gear shifting and luxirious you will hardly find in 10 lakh car, only issue is milege that gives around 10 in local, so choice is yours.......

Answer by Vivek Tyagi 08 August 2009

i bought, the new accent(executive) , in february, after exploring, all the above choices, of dzire, logan, ford ikon,
in the above price bracket, i found, accent, as best looking,more power, and more loaded, as compared to other cars, in the same bracket, if u allow me to be bit more audacious i say u can compare accent to cars, of higher bracket too favourably.
i am happy with my choice, hope u too join the accent family

Answer by Umesh 08 August 2009

Hyundai Accent is the Best Choice for a budget like 6L and you get Sedan in that which is very cost effective. I am owning this from last 5 years and absolutely no troubles. So you can blindly go for this. And looks wise you can't beat Accent - It's sleek and good looking.

Answer by Rajeev 08 August 2009

Hi ! Dude Go for The Hyundai Accent or Hyundai i20 both the car rocks on the road and have sexy looks on the road with great performance. I am using a 2000 model Hyundai Accent GLS and its still rocking on the Indian national higways.
HYUNDAI ROCKS !!!! Love Hyundai....

Answer by SKP 08 August 2009

Hi, Accent is good car, value for money, good interiors.... Issue could be mileage, otherwise I have not faced any problem with Accent I had for 3 years. If Mileage is critical may be then you can look at other options. Else I Think Accent is good option in the range. Other option and Value for Money would be Swift, probably eith little more you can sqeeze in Dezire... But if you like the looks??

Answer by Neeraj 08 August 2009

hey hie pallav,,, hzzz u doin... well you have a good budget.... n ya if u r goin for accent u r doin a good job... itzz really just amazing one...very comfortable in driving n has a good pickup ratio for indian roads.. maintiance is less as compared to other big vehicles of this section...... just service d car on tym n u'llhave a joyfull ride..... just leme know if u have any problems regarding anything.... i would rather suggest u to get a petrol one as itzz comfortable or a gas one... i dunnooo too much about the gas one.... petrol one is too comfortable.... all d best for u r car n have a good tym wid it.,........

Answer by Vinit 08 August 2009

I suggest you go for Maruti Dzire if you like maruti cars. If you go by looks this may not be a nice option but if you could stretch your budget a little more you can for a VERNA NEW, which comes at 6.38 L or Fiat Linea... I have heard a lot of about Linea... its a masterpiece.. I suggest you take a test drive and I am sure you will fall in love with it......... it's beauty redefined....but the other brand name that is attached to it is TATA... which you know produces the most pathetic cars... otherwise.. ...

Answer by Vishwanath 08 August 2009

With your Budjet, Assent will be the best option, if you tske a test drive of assent car you wont think any other option with such driving comfort, power
According to me its a best car

Answer by Milind 08 August 2009

Hai pallav.
I My personal experience with accent is good. Apart from the mileage. I usually ripp my car so not a concern on mileage. Use it smooth then it wil deliver 15 kmpl. My Suggestion DONT GO FOR TATA CARS. though u can go for indica vista as it has FIAT engine n gear box and build quality is good too. If u too confused go for a second hand one even if u wont like it then disposing it wont be of much pain.

Answer by Amith 08 August 2009

We have owned an Accent GLS since 2001,and our experience has been good. Its a well built sturdy car, and 82000Km we have still kept it as a second car, and in fact we drive it more then our Corolla.

But it is now getting to be an old model. I had a look at the I20 the other day, and it looks very attractive at around the same price. Except that it is a hatchback.

Answer by Dipok 08 August 2009

Go for Accent executive, good value for money and good looks too. I owned an Accent GLS for 5.5 years, absolutely trouble and maintenance free. On highways, drive between 2000 and 2500 rpm. You will get the best average.All the best!!

Answer by Dr Sunil R Vaze 08 August 2009

Must go for Accent car as it is quite comfortable with all respect & like while go for long driving. I Owned an Accent GVS for 5 years, excellent condition & well maintained, single driven. I just want to sell out because of our requirement is now for SUV.

Answer by SUNIL KHANDELWAL 08 August 2009

i would suggest you to go for Maruti Swift Dezire,i own it and before this i had a Accent and according to me you should go for dezire.

Answer by Rahul Parihar 08 August 2009

Hello !! zyaada confuse nahi hone ka !!
just decide on these -
Fiat Grand Punto - Emotion, 6.20 hatch back latest tech, world car. 17-18 km Gurgaon, 20-24 hi way.
or, Ford Ikon Ikool - 6.00 lacs sedan excellent performance & strong ! 20 Gurgaon, 26+ Hi way.
test drive both of them, then ride on the front & back seat to see & njoy the comfort etc with yr family befor deciding. Both are excllnt cars !

Answer by Rajeev 08 August 2009
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