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i purchased a second hand hyundai accent gls a few days back to gift it to my son. I am surprised that the vehicle is not giving me an average of 5 to 6 kms with a/c. What is the reason of getting average so low and what should I do to increase the average.
By ALOKKUMAR 08 August 2009

Well U made the wrong choice. Had U purchased the Chevrolet
SPARK, the low end model too, U would have got 15 km/ltr with A/c on... I still would recomend U to go and contact
the Hyundai Dealer in your area for a solution to your
milage problem.

Answer by Sadanand 08 August 2009

Alok, as you said tou have bought a used car, i guess the car was no serviced properly. the best advice i can give as an owner of Accent is to give it for service at an authorised service station and tell them them to tune the engine for better milage and replace the clogged filters. it might be because of rash driving of the previous owner for which resetting the ECU is also advisible.
BTW my car give an avg of 13 in city and 14 on the highway.


Answer by Akaash 08 August 2009

Tyre Pressure and condition-inspect, check and fill recommended pressure.
Find out where previous owner used to service car, can be traced by stickers on car or papers, receipts or visiting cards in glove box. Most dealers have history of service and records on computer. Find out when it was last serviced, if fuel filter, air filter, oil filter with engine oil was replaced. If not check oil condition, if not viscous enough and black, assume no servicing has been done. Replace three filters mentioned above and engine oil.
Since this in computerised engine, no tuning etc is possible and therefore is ruled out. However if engine has been knocking, put off etc, errors could accululate in the ECU, in simple language, the internal computer. To reset the ECU, you need to remove the positive battery terminal and keep it disconnected for one full night. Connect the same in the morning and feel the difference in the drive.
Check if petrol pump is providing right kind of fuel and not adulterated fuel. For once, fill on empty tank from a COCO pump and feel the difference in the drive. You can also place few drops of petrol on back of palm and allow it to evaporate, if there is slimy residue, assume there is adulteration in fuel. All options suggested till now are cheap and inexpensive, now starts the damaging ones.
You can go for injector cleaning and spark plug replacement, don't go for cleaning of spark plugs, just replace them for once. You can preserve the old plugs if they are good and use them sometime later. I am recommending this since even if one plug out of four is bad, it will affect the average and shall be pound foolish. If you want to save on injector cleaning, just add bharat petroleum green petrol additive available at pumps. You will feel diff in two fills. Since thsi is a hi torque engine, the difference will be felt immediately when you first accelerate after the corrective step. Check meilage without AC, if good, get AC serviced, belts checked and condenser cleaned.
All the best and Happy driving.

Answer by Santosh 08 August 2009

Hi Alok

We bought an Accent GLS in 2001, and it has given excellent performance in terms of mileage and robustness. Although we have a new Corolla,but we still enjoy using the Accent inspite of its 82000 Km on the clock. You should get a much better mileage with the ac on. I think the car needs servicing and general tuning up. Hope the brakes are not jammed. Just get the car checked at a Hyundai authrorized service place.

Answer by Dipok 08 August 2009
Expert`s comment:

Accent is expected to give better mileage ie about 12 to 14KMPL,The vehicle needs to be checked thoroughly, especially fuel feed system.Please get the same inspected.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 08 August 2009

dear,kindly ask your service technician to check the following points so that he could fix your problem
1.reset the ecu to the latest version
2.check the HLA ( hydraulic lift assist )valve lifting mechanism
3.replace all filters with new ones
4.get the engine decarbonising done as over a period of time carbon deposits in the engine lead to overall poor performance

Answer by Sandeep 08 August 2009
Expert`s comment:

Dear Mr Alok,
In those early days,we did not have cartradeexpert to answer such questions as we motorists did not much. But if you are a person putting your own hands to correct the defect,then,go ahead in reading a good book on Fuel consumption improvement where they may list you 30 items for check up.
All this check is done by the Dealer or a good mechanic.
Just reading the answers and asking the dealer to go ahead,is a waste of time of everyone.
I expect this Forum to be not very trival in asking such questions and we find it difficult to answer and many a time I keep QUIET as I am not supposed to answer.
Just go through a good auto magazine for all the details and ask a question if the Dealer or the Manufacturer is not able to solve.
Good Day and kindly take it in good spirit.
We have to keep this site a little above the normal.

Answer by Dr P C Rao 08 August 2009

I bought Accent 2011 model Petrol, i get 15 milage including on ghat sections and highways with moderate use of A/C. If your car is getting 5 or 6 milage, please get a suggestion from service center. There will be some percentage of blockage in fuel pipe or cylinders and they would flush out those things.

Answer by Srijith 09 September 2019

I purchase Hyundai Acccent 2011 model pure petrol i got 10 to 20km avrege i happy with my car When i purchase this car only 42000 km running i run my car on 2000 RPM Speed 80 km/ h

Answer by Kansara Mahendra 01 January 2020
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