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i want to buy a muv, we r 8 persons in my family, which vehicle will be suitable to my family (tavera Or sonalika rhino)
By Ram 08 August 2009


Answer by MANSOOR 08 August 2009

Its like the Devil and the deep blue sea!
Tavera is better headace than Rhino which is migrane.
They are both very bouncy especially the rear seats.
Better go for Sumo, Bolero, Innova which is in the order of preference.
Good luck.

Answer by Pirebhuoo 08 August 2009

Xylo is undoubtly the best vechile in muv segment . the hhigh end varient e8 is avilable at 9 L ( all inclusive of road tax , ABS, insurance , some other accesoories as well. ) .It is the best value for money i can say.

cost of XYLO is again comaparble with tavera / Rhino. )

interier are one of the best ( even better than scorpio ) . i own one & last 4 months experience is very good. i have taken this vechile to very hilly terain & this performs very weill in trying circumstances. i have take this vechile even on off road & i find it works very well.

i do get a mileage of 15KMPl in AC on condition at around 100 KM / hr . on an avearge i get 12-13 Km in city condition like that of Bangalore.

even rear seat is so comfortable that even a 6 feet tall guy can seat relaxed for atleast 4-5 hours. vechile is powered by crde engine ( 2500 CC ) & responsive enough. Interioer are class apart. Also rear seats are not boumcy as that of tavera/ rhino / sumo

maintainance cost is also very low. it has power window, power stearing, dual ACs, ABS , engine demobilizer & host other improvements & accessories.

This vechile is avilable from Rs 6.45 L to Rs 7.8 L varients.

I am sure you won't regret buying this vechile



Answer by Pushparaj 08 August 2009

Tavera is verygood vehicle in its class. Fuel consumption is very low as compairing with other vehicle's in same class and maintenance is very low cost. You can bye tavera if u r planning to buy suv

Answer by Pradeep Menon 08 August 2009

Instead of investing 8-/10 lakh on xylo,tavera, you can simply buy marutiversa dx or dx2 at 5.25 lakhs. for good riding, even you can get 13 km/lr.

Answer by Suresh 08 August 2009

Hello, may Sajeshan For Tavera Best Milej 19-20 km.Haiwea
2,Opsan Toyta inNova Dishal & Petrol_With CNG Par km.Fual Maileg Chip Cmper To Dishal inNova With Best Re Sel Valyu

Answer by Abdul Kadar 08 August 2009
Expert`s comment:

Aamong the two Sonalica rhino will be a better selection for the price range and good performance.Tavera is also a great SUV but coparitively higher price. If going for used one then Tavera will be better.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 08 August 2009
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