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Dear sir,I want to buy an Alto used car.My budget is upto 1.75L.Can I get a good vehicle? If yes what will be the model and version(LX /LXi).Whom to approach? Kindly advice.
By Arvind Agarwal 08 August 2009

You'll have to place an adv and hope for the best. I bought a used July 2008 White Alto Lxi (10000 kms) (Not a scratch on it, near perfect condition with matting and seat covers and stuff) two months back for 2.25 Lac.
Another 2006 Alto Lxi Black done only 3500kms recently went for 1.8Lac. A 2006 Alto LX should be around 1.4 Lac.
I'd suggest you look for a good 2005/06 Alto LXI (As it comes with the power steering) to fit in your budget.. All the best. Keep us updated.

Answer by Quraish 08 August 2009
Expert`s comment:

RUsh to True Value wing of any Maruti Dealer and give your budget and they will give you the Best and reasonable good car with their own warranty.
Alto came in around 2000 and you may get that or a later model for your budget price. It would be better to go for
the power steering model which is a bit costlier but it must be within your range and you may get slightly older model but it is okay.
Dr P C Rao Pune (

Answer by Dr P C Rao 08 August 2009

I'm selling my car which is at coimbatore. If interested you may visit

I suggest you to go for an 800 instead. Because I've also owned an alto in which I found elbow room lacking, but in my current car 800 it is not an issue.

Answer by RAVIBABU 08 August 2009
Expert`s comment:

Dear Arvind,

From your query it seems you are a first time car buyer. Yes, with your kind of budget you should hope and get a great Maruti Alto LXI [ With the Electronic Power Steering ]. Select a car that is not used for more then 2/3 years max.

Also do not make any haste in making a quick decision. Many Used Cars are dent removed and mirror polished to make them appear flawless by dealers. What is more important is the engine usage, total genuine running of the vehicle, suspensions, tyres worning out and then the outer body. So select a car that is a non accident history one. For a novice its next to impossible to find out if a vehicle has an accident history or otherwise. Check its papers, insurance claims thoroughly for clarity.

Maruti True Value does offer a pre checked vehicle, but they are expensive too than the market value by almost [ 25-40000 ] and many a times not worth its price.

Go only to reputed dealers if you must. Esle my recommendation would be to go for a car , the owner of which is known to you and has maintained the vehicle impeccably.

If you are in Mumbai, do give me call. Will help you find the best.

Happy Driving.



Answer by Anand Kute 08 August 2009

Dear Sir,

Now the company is offering 30000 for alto car. So the landing price of alto comes only 210000. So rush to the nearest maruti dealer.

Answer by Venkat 08 August 2009
Expert`s comment:

You have not mentioned which year model is in offer.It wont be a bad idea to go for the same if its later than 2006.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 08 August 2009

Hallo dear,
Pl go for a new one or otherwise pl follow the suggestion of friend Mr Anand Kute.He has told plus & minus about old used car.It is better to go for a new one.

Answer by C Ravikumar 08 August 2009

hi, i have alto 2005 lxi, very good condition red color..asking price 1,80,000..if interested thn call me at 9910405251

Answer by Dipanshu 09 September 2009
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