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im planning to but a car in the next 2-3 months. i wanted to buy a diesel car coz my tavelling would b around 52km daily.but some people whom i have consulted have said that diesel cars are difficult to drive for girls and after year or two it starts becoming heavy and gives a lot of engine noise!! should i then consider petrol or cng over diesel?? and also among swift vdi, vista quadrajet and punto 1.3 multijet which is the best in terms of price and performance??
By Dipna 08 August 2009

Modern diesel engines are quite good and efficient. The problems you mentioned above are non existent. The only difference between a petrol n diesel car is the price and the running cost. Apart from bit of extra noise from a diesel engine, you would not notice any difference between a diesel and petrol car while driving. My friend owns a Swift diesel and it is a very fun to drive, nice car. Do test drive the cars you mentioned, get the price quotes, ask for discounts, this will help you in narrowing down to your choice.

Answer by Shib 08 August 2009

Take the test drive of Fiat Palio 1.3 sdx multijet
It will clear all your doubts regarding diesel engine.
Initially the sound inside cabin is high but slowly it goes very low.

Answer by Dheeraj 08 August 2009

swift is the best car.

Answer by Dheeraj 08 August 2009

The Clutch is definitely lighter to operate in petrol driven cars compared to diesel cars.
Nothing to beat the swift vdi in terms of reliability.
Second option vista, definitely not punto.

Answer by Jimmy Katrak 08 August 2009

Hi Dipna-new age diesel cars are great to drive and a lot of girls drive them-so no worries. Yes, diesel cars tend to be heavier than petrol cars and that needs to be looked after in terms of tyre pressure (the front tyres requiring more PSI than the rear tyres). Regarding engine noise - all diesel engines will give a bit of noise once they start up - but once they settle into steady state of idle, you can hardly hear them - also manufacturers have done wonders on reducing cabin noise levels (NVH) so you hear very little while driving. Out of the 3 mentioned - i think Jimmy has given you the best rating - swift VDI, vista quadrajet and last the fiat grande punto. However, everyones choices are different - so do a test drive of each of them (for at least 10 kms) which should include a bit of bumpy road (requiring a lot of gear changes), some open track where you can do speeds of at least 80 KMPH and a part where there are lot of twists and turns. That should help you make a decision of which one is most driveable. all the best!!!

Answer by Sanjeev Chopra 08 August 2009
Expert`s comment:

You must be flooded with Answers to go ahead with Diesel.
The only barrier is little more costly if you can bear it.
Noise is considerably reduced from old Diesel but nothing like a Petrol,or CNG/LPG.The inital cost will be slightly more in all cases other than Petrol but it depends on availability of CNG/LPG in your city.
For you Petrol will be the best as yu drive 52kms daily only.I would prefer to go to Diesel if you have more than 100kms per day.Maintenance cost will be slightly higher than petrol counterpart.
Just go for a Drive in both Petrol or Diesel and take your choice. We experts can bring near the pond,but it is you who has to decide to drink and enjoy.
Dr P C Rao ,Pune (

Answer by Dr P C Rao 08 August 2009

if your car is running more than 3000 km per month,then diesel car is economical otherwise there is no meaning spending more money for diesel engine and maintance,first choice should be CNG because it saves 70% compare to petrol,second choice LPG it saves 30% and just take alook at MARUTI RITZ good new engine, more milage, better resale value, when you want to sale car,all the best.......

Answer by DEEPAK 08 August 2009

hiiii........go for diesel car...rather then petrol.......i know tht diesel car make noise but all u matter the runnig cost as compare to petrol it is very cheap.........u should opt i20 or swift....120 drivebility is excellent above all the looks far better then swift.........swift is old car.......i must say tht u opt 120 rather then is quitest engine among all

Answer by Sameer 08 August 2009

Diesel engine is good provided your running per day is 100 and above then the total running cost will be economical but currently the noise on the diesel engines are superb having a power steering and soft pedals of clutch no vehicle is difficult .

Answer by Santhanam 08 August 2009

Friend, blindly go in for a Swift VDi, you will enjoy the driving, excellent pickup, easy to maintain and good resale value. I own one and enjoying every bit of it.

Answer by Manjunath 08 August 2009

I would suggest u to go for a PETROL car. anyday !!!
I own a car modification centre and I personally prefer to drive petrol cars.
If you are still planning to buy a Diesel car, as lot of our friends have avised you, Please do for a SWIFT VDI.

Other good cars in diesel:


Verna has good pickup and less engine sound compared to all other cars in that segment.

If you are planning to buy a small car - NOTHING LIKE A SWIFT VDI !!!

Answer by Harsh 08 August 2009

hi Dipna
please do see the Savings in a diesel Vs Petrol
as u want to drice approx 50 km / day ,, it would mean 1500 km in a month.
Initial extra investment for a Diesel car (approx) 70000
Intrest u pay = 700 . month
A disel is more efficient gives Easily 16~18 Km ,whereas a Petrol gives 12 ~14 at best, so
Cost of fuel for 1500 Km
petrol =5769 ( at 13km/ lit , 50 Rupee /ltcost)
diesel= 3375 (at 16km /lt ,36 Rupee/ lt cost)
Saving = 2394
Now the Actual Cost saving after deducting the intrest for initial extra invested is = 2394 -700 = 1694

So for your usage a Diesel will pay back its initial extra cost very soon. and the rest is Savings,,,month after month... And with the Current trend of CRD engines (specially from Fiat stable engines used in Fiat ,Vista ,Swift ,Linea etc) one can hardly feel the difference when u drive a CDR engine car .
So the only plus in a petrol engine is its
1) Initial High pickup (but the fiat diesel dosent fall very behind
2) Lower engine noise/ vibration levels..
3) maintainece wise ..the newer disel ones are OK.
SO decide yourself ...what u want ..If u ask me ITS A DIESEL ,consideringthe prohabitive cost of petrol Fuel...

Answer by Vijesh 08 August 2009
Expert`s comment:

There wont be much difference in Handling diesel or petrol car.The mainconsideration should be of investment and usage.If you ar using the car regularly for long drives then youcan opt for diesel car.For the limited usage as mentioned and occasional long run, petroll car should solve the purpose.Hence it wil be worth going for a petrol car.For either option, go for Punto or Indica Vista.Punto has fresh looks and updated futures which makes sense going for the same.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 08 August 2009
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