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Hi Sir,I want to buy a used Esteem(petrol) 2001 to 2006 model, Can you please tell me advantages and dis advantages of this Vehicle and also tell me what is the true mileage,i heard ground clearence of this vehicle is very low is it true ?
By Raj 08 August 2009
Expert`s comment:

Esteem is a great option as used car.You can go ahead and buy the car fitting your budget.The advantages are comparitively lower maintenance cost, good mileage of up to 17 KMPL.Disadvantage are, as the car is no longer in production the face value will be lesser.Also lower seating position makes difficult to maintain clear distance from front vehicles.However you will get used to this after a while and hence wont cause much problem.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 08 August 2009


Esteem is a very good option.

Advantages -
Good mileage -17 to 18 KM/liter.
Low maintenance cost.
Service stations available all around.
Good resale value.

Production has stopped. However this does not pose any risk since services for this products are still continued.

Ground clearance is not a problem.

I have a Aug 2005 esteem 43000 KMs run in Pune. Do let me know if you are interested.

Answer by Abhijit 08 August 2009

Esteem is good Car upto a Run of 70-80 Thousand Km. The Mileage is no doubt if not so old its approx. 13 to 14 in City with AC, 15-16 on Highway. Without AC you can achieve upto 18 in best Conditions Extra Premium Petrol Using.
Once in My Car Life Cycle i Get touch with 18 Km. in winter.
After 75-80 Thousand there will be huge maintenance, Like Engine Maintenance, Tyres, Various Biding, Seat Belts, Power Windows will not work properly & Then You will realize all this Fact.
Sounds inside the Car is high comparision to any other Hundai or HONDA Car this is a major Drawback.
This is my personel Experience with Maruti, Even Maruti Service Centers also Can Tell you this Fact if will discuss in depth.
Other Problems no Issue like Ground Clearence.
One Positive Part is Service Centers are everywhere in INDIA, Secondly Service Cost of This Car in others Comparision is 10-20% Cheap.

Answer by Mukesh Sharma 08 August 2009

Esteem is definitely a very good car from Maruti. I guess the first Sedan from the maruti stable. It sure is dis-continued, however you have so many Esteems on road in India, that Servicing and finding spare-parts wont be a problem at all. The local markets too have all possoble spare parts of Maruti's. So you have multiple options in the spare parts market too.

The average isn't at its best, however you can get a 13km/l. with AC on in the city. A 15 km/l. would be achieved on the highway, if you follow pretty good driving manners. You also have the option of fitting the car with an LPG kit which would reduce your running costs considerably.

About the drive, the car is really good to drive, however because of its low stance, you may find yourself more closer to the ground while driving. All other cars are seated a bit high though. The ground clearance is a hinderance only if you plan to do off-roading, but in city areas and highways - Just no issues. Some residential societies/complexes with these high-set speed breakers are a cause of concern when you are in an Esteem.

Overall this a very good car, and if you get a good deal, go for it! The maximum price that a 2008 Esteem would retail is upto around 3-3.5 lacs. So you can now calculate for models prior to that.


Answer by Ron 08 August 2009

Undoubtedly Esteem is a car of value for money. It gives driving comforts, pleasures and good mileage. I am using Esteem 2001 VX model with LPG kit and finding it excellent in all aspects in Chennai City drive and highway drive. Though it has got low bucket seats, road visibility is better. Maintenance costs are cheaper compare to any other Used cars in India. In today's market condition any executive owner of good Esteem of 2000 year or later model may not sell his or her car for a price not less than 1.5 lakhs. Additional 10,000/- and so may be asked for LPG and Rs.15000/- or so may be towards Leather upholstery etc.,

Answer by Subramanian 08 August 2009

you can surely go for esteem, its a pleasure driving with luxary. car is smooth and gives u experience of driving racing car, car reaches 120 km/hrs without any problems. gear shifting is smooth, problem is only when u switch on the AC the pick gets slow.
i would suggest go for petrol with MPFI engine and do not convert it into LPG.
i m using 2006 model with powerstearing and power window.
seating is comfortable and leg room for back seats are are available locally.there is no problem with ground clearence, before buying esteem check the engine condition first.
if u add leather seats with good radial tyres it will look like sports car, no need for exterior modifications

Answer by Swapneel 08 August 2009

man you got the right choice of buying your car. There are several advantages with this like mileage and maintanence other than an very important thing is its speed its no way lower than the modern car i own a 96 model car which is still fastest on roads and hits 140 even now that too with LPG i can so disadvantage about the car as i love it. Its still liked and it has a very good market value in the used cars market so dont hesitate just go for it

Answer by Mani 08 August 2009

undoubtedly a royal car with good mileage n speed...only the sitting's too low...but if u dont have any problems with that type of sitting..its a best buy

Answer by Dipesh 08 August 2009

Thank you very much, Mr.Shiva and all of you my friends for your informations.

Answer by Raj 08 August 2009

oneoftheso ldierindia nmilitarya ma4thowner of Esteem2004 modelcngha veachieved 30plusaver ageakgofCN Gridingthr ough AhmedabadV adodraexpr esswayandb ack

Answer by Narendra Chand 01 January 2021

Jai Hind One of the soldier Indian Military I am 4th owner of Esteem 2004 model fitted CNG have achieved 30plusaverage a kg of CNG riding through Ahmedabad Vadodra Expressway.

Answer by Narendra Chand 01 January 2021

Further literally rode it continuously for 40hrs Gandhinagar to Pithoragarh UK in 24 Apr 19 when my mother left for her heavenly abode ..only had water. Experienced brake failure .

Answer by Narendra Chand 01 January 2021

And now it is a continuous affair. Last time I rode it continuously for 27 hours with half an hour break midway. No issues arose. This is the year 2021. GJ18BM0514.

Answer by Narendra Chand 01 January 2021

I have fallen for this car and recently replaced MRF tyres with Yokohama experienced improved ride quality and breaking. I am ready to invest some money if MSuzuki is ready for Oha

Answer by Narendra Chand 01 January 2021

I bought this used car today.
To learn to drive ,is it a good option in 2021

Answer by Dupare 06 June 2021

I bought this used car today.
To learn to drive ,is it a good option in 2021

Answer by Dupare 06 June 2021
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