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I own a ford ikon 1.6 rocam, the rpm at idle speed automatically goes to 2000 rpm, what could be the fix for this?
By Reuben Barros 08 August 2009
Expert`s comment:

The best solution is to check and rectify fuel supply system.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 08 August 2009

hi reuben.
i think yours should be a 2003-2004 model. open & clean the throttle body . the problem should be fixed.also check for the butterfly valve & pin for signs of wear.

Answer by Munaf Patel 08 August 2009

even i had faced same problem but the ford people made r&d on my vehicle to rectify. first they changed accelerator cable, and then they cleaned my fuel tank and finnaly they changed my ignition coil, the problem was solved but he bill was heavy. so first check with them to rectify the problem they go for parts replacement. i love ford,because of their poor service quality and they fool people. i had sold my ford and bought swift.

Answer by Suresh 08 August 2009

I have experienced the same problem with the same model(ikon 1.6 -2000).U have to change the accelateral wire . better u go to ford shop and tell them to change the IAC VALVE 1.6,Call me if u have any doubt 9884931261.


Answer by Bhupendran 08 August 2009

get fuel filter replaced will get the matter resolved.Accelator wire operation you can understand ,because only people use ford can't be fooled.

Answer by Vinod 08 August 2009

I had the same problem. There are two plastic pipes above the intake manifold right under the injectors which are spitted with a T piece. One of those plastic pipes have a hole in them. Your problem should be fixed at no cost. Just fix the plastic pipe

Answer by Juan 11 November 2011

you should check your air intake pipes please make sure they are tightly fixed

Answer by Hari 04 April 2014

how do I change my iac valve on my ikon 1.6 rocam 2004

Answer by Brian Esau 01 January 2015
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