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I am planning to bye a TATA Sierra, [May be a model around 95-97]. The basic reason: I will be able to obtain a big spacious vehicle for a reasonable price(50-70K). According to the condition of vehicle, it may need to revamp it. Still I wish to go for one. Can any one please advice me what can go worst in this case: Maintanace / Reliability / Comfort... I request a honest advice..
By Shine 08 August 2009

If i want to buy a fully restored tata sierra sept/98-turbo with all work done and no expense till next 1lac kms then do call on 9820121631{mumbai} after 5 pm.
I am the owner and wish to sell it immediately,you can check my ad on Cartrade for details.

Answer by Rajiv 08 August 2009

Hi,Tata sierra is a great car,You should go for TURBO 97 onwards model.Well maintained sierra will give only routine expense.But the price in which you are looking for please check the details as TURBOCHARGER, Brakes, body corrosion,paint,engine condition if need overhauling,All these will cost you around 50000 to 80000.SO preferably go for a conditioned vehicle rather then buying a scrap one and then makeover.

Answer by Santosh 08 August 2009
Expert`s comment:

The condition of vehicle at 50 to 70 k will not be that good and needs invesment of around 30K to briing back to comfortable utility. It will be worth going for the vehicle only if you are satisfied with existing condition with which you can expect atleast fairly good running.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 08 August 2009

Thanks for your valuable suggessions. can you please let me know what are the most common problems for this car. I came to know like Wheel allignment should be done for 1000 Kms, suspension will be troubling etc.. Can there any issues with the engine like starting related issues, or will it make me sleep in the road-sides in a long journey :-)

Answer by Shine 08 August 2009

HI, I am using this macho vehicle for last 10 years. Its non-turbo model(1994). There is no problem of suspension or wheel alignment, if you have done the suspension with original parts. I go for wheel alignment after 5000 kms and my driving is mostly on bumpy and bad roads. This vehicle is very comfortable and tooooo spacious. For engine starting there are few things:

1. Engine Condition (Too weak compression)
2. Heater Plugs
3. Battery

If all these are ok this vehicle starts very easily in worst conditions. I go uphills often and my SUV starts even in - temperature. Engine was overhauled and I have done 70000 km after overhauling. still i dont have any problem in starting.
I have traveled to Nepal on this vehicle(covering approx 2200 km), and there was no trouble at all. I can take my vehicle any time to any long distance without going any major repair except normal servicing.

You can check my Sierra on this site. Its available for sale.

Answer by Rajinder 08 August 2009

hi friend TATA SEARA is a good comfort car but ofcourse maintainance of this car is very tuff thatswhy i want to sell my car ITS 91-92 MODEL and price 45K only

Answer by Shailesh 08 August 2009


This is on behalf of my friend. He has Tata Sierra model Feb 2001 and 87000 kms done. Its in excellent condition and planing to sell it as the car is at Bangalore and he has shifted to Mumbai. Presently the car is in bangalore.

Answer by Sandip Kadtane 08 August 2009

To own Sierra is a passion for me. Maintenance would be high if u dint change the engine oil and filters in adequate period. Don't buy a cheep rated Sierra it is cheep because that particular vehicles maintenance is high. I own Sierra for 7 years I do the periodical maintenance only. For me it's a no maintenance 4 wheeler.

Answer by Glad 08 August 2009
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