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Hello Experts,I am a regular visitor of this site, since I am working outside India, this is the best way to know the beats and pulse of automobile industry in India. I placed a question before 2 months n I got reply it was about Ford Fusion. The advice was not to go becoz of higher cost of maint. and less resale value. Except I like fusion very much. Now I forced to change my decision, I am planning to buy a SUV/Sedan by the end of August (Used One) my target will be 4lakh. Upon reading the reviews on this site I could see lot of suggestions on Accent. I like know more sedans on this range. Milage/litre should be atleast 13 in city, 5 person, easy to maintain (both parts cost and availability), considerable resale value. The seniority is Fusion,Accent,Honda City, Lancer.Can you please you guys help me to choose on. Thanks in Advance
By Abhilash 07 July 2009

Hi Abhilash,
Given a choice,fusion would be my first choice..Its an awesome machine.
Since I couldnt afford it,i brought the new ford ikon TDCI diesel.
Its superb..The maintainence is damn low and its a car made for indian roads.


Answer by Kiran 07 July 2009

never trust ford indian expensive to maintain..4 lakhs get hand a 2nd had honda vtech amazing drive
amazing milage low maintaince, excellent resale

Answer by VVVVVVVVVV 07 July 2009
Expert`s comment:

With the budget of 4 lac, you have plenty of options in used car segment.Considering overall parameters like reliability for long duration, power and performanc e in city and highway, looks, interior space etc, Honda City will be best selcetion.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2009

Go for honda city

Answer by Vishveshwaran 08 August 2009


Go for Maruthi Suzuki SX4, for indian roads it is the best.

Answer by Ramesh Magalanadu 08 August 2009

hey friends,
pls tell me where to get a good maintained, honda city for 4lacs, its tough, u get a poor car for that much, not a good one,

Answer by Umesh 08 August 2009

Go ahead for Honda City

Answer by Narayanan Premanand 08 August 2009

Since ,
i too worked abroad, and didnt know much about indian vehicles, certainly i wish 2 answer ur Q",as iam in india at present and have watched a lot b4 buying a car recently,i feel honda city would be the better option , but a good one shud cost more than 5.5 lakhs, when "i " searched for Honda city i found vehicles with 30000 kms for less than 5 lakhs,and better ones for 5.5 or more, but again its all time which matters!! (plus and minus ),start searching from now, Good luck !!

Answer by Chandran 08 August 2009
Expert`s comment:

Dear Abhilash,

It ultimately depends on what are the exact parameters that you are looking at while making the choice that is immense , given the amount that you are willing to invest in the used car segment.

To be honest, a mileage of 13Kms+ per litre in City driving conditions with the A/C on, may not really be possible while selecting a mid sized Sedan/ SUV. The only car that can come closer to that kind of mileage is the Honda City.Great Interiors. Nice resale value. Honda parts , however are heavy on maintenance. Also since you have been living abroad and I assume driving there too, the Honda City would be relatively less powerful.

Avoid used Fords. The Authorised Service Stations will ensure that they rip your wallet apart and the car may yet not drive smoothly on the roads.Resale values of ford cars are quite low.

You should definitely look at buying a used but well taken care of Toyota Corolla. Its a 1.8 engine, sturdy and tried and tested for generations. It may not give you 13kmpl but you can expect around 10-11 depending on driving skills. Its probably the most reliable car proven. it has a sound resale value too. Could try and convert this to LPG to save costs.

On the heavier side, You could also take a test drive of the Mahindra Scorpio. The diesel one will be apt for your kind of requirement. Decent mileage, ample space, comfort, power and performance with economy complimented with driving and seating comfort.

Used Lancer... Strictly No No.. too heavy on maintenance, parts are expensive , service stations and nothing great on fuel economy.

If you are a Mumbaiite.. would request you to thoroughly check and verify if the vehicle you buy is a non water clogged one [ July 26 , 2005 ]

Happy driving.



Answer by Anand Kute 08 August 2009

Hello Everybody. I am very much thankful to you guys for giving me a timely and proper reply. By the way I from Trivandrum, Kerala. I have started searching for the suggestions I have got. I could find some Honda City but Toyota Corolla.... none. I will try on Scorpio too. By the end of this month I hope I will be an owner of a car. I will let you know guys the progress. Please pass your message and suggestion mean time... Thanks a lot

Answer by Abhilash 08 August 2009

dear abilash,
you can also keep in your options hyundai elantra petrol or crdi as you wish. it is a wonrful car with airbags,abs,tcs,alloys,automatic climatic control, is cheap to maintain and the crdi version gives 12to 15 kms.driving and seating are good too.

Answer by Prabakar N 08 August 2009

Dear All,
Update on my queries and its result. I could find a Hyundai Accent CRDI 2004 June model done 1.05 Lakh Kms, Power steering,m power window, Central Lock, AC, 4tyres are good (Not too fine). Full insurance, tax paid upto 2019. The owner asking for 2.80 Lakh not negotiable. I done a test drive, seems impressive. Good power, I felt one humming sound from left front side. The owner says its bearing or axle prob. wont cost more than 5000 in Hyundai auth work shop. He promises a mileage of 22kms/ltr in highway and 18 in city. The body and painting has very normal scratches, but no dents. Can you guys please help me to choose this one by evaluating the information I have provided. (Like condition, the noise problem fuel efficiency and kms done. Thanks in advance

Answer by Abhilash 09 September 2009
Expert`s comment:

The claimed mileage of 18 to 22 seems to be quite exagerated.You can expect maximum mileage of 18KMPL instead. Huming sound is generally from bearings only and hence he is quite right in that.Considering overall condition of the vehicle, You can quote last price of 2.6 lac. 2.8 lac seems to be more.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 09 September 2009
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