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what shud be normal top speed that thunderbird be driven so that it gvs a decent average of 30-35 and less mainatanince as i drive in delhi and as genrally the comapanys test condition speed is very low whch could nt been driven in daily life .. and what r u new modification in new thunderbird 350 with twin spark plug , is it goin to help in inc average and mainatainace or wud still be like old one..
By NAKUL 06 June 2008
Expert`s comment:


For improving mileage
1.Drive the vehicle in average speed specified in owners manual .
2.Driving the vehicle at constant speed will also better fuel efficency (ie avoiding frequent applying of brakes, pressing accelerator erratically )
3.Maintian correct tyre pressure.
4.Give vehicle for regular checkup
5.Using extra mileage premium fuel.

Installing duel spark plug help in better combustion of fuel and reduce unburnt fuel losses and hence improve fuel efficency.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 09 September 2008
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