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sir, i have a pulsar 150(2003 model) which is now askn lot of maintainace so want to change the bike nw,. was plann to buy a heavy engine bike this time so wanted to ask u which one would be good option for low mainatnce and decent average.. had been seen 2 options either thunderbird or avenge 200cc but confuesd about their mainatince amd average , being a student have to see that mainatiance stays low .. so kindly help me to make a choice or get me a beeter option in the same segment ...

By Nakul on Jun 2, 2008


  • what shud be normal top speed that thunderbird be driven so that it gvs a decent average of 30-35 and less mainatanince as i drive in delhi and as genrally the comapanys test condition speed is very low whch could nt been driven in daily life .. and what r u new modification in new thunderbird 350 with twin spark plug , is it goin to help in inc average and mainatainace or wud still be like old one..
    Answer by Nakul on Jun 2, 2008

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