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I test drove JAZZ a month back and found it lacking the pulling power while on a steep incline (in comparison with my spark). That apart, I found the car extremely good. Any idea on how the JAZZ sales are figuring, now that its almost 2 months or more since its launch? Has the high price tag seriously affected the sales, as it was thought to?
By Praveen Kumar 07 July 2009

Well its hard to say as it is still the initial phase so the novelty factor is there to influence some well to do buyers. There are a few cars that are seen on the road but its obviously not expected to be a runaway success like the swift.
Apart from the price tag, the car is brilliant. I test drove it and fell in love instantly. HONDA, drop the price by a lac and you'll have buyers queing up for it, including me.

Answer by Quraish 07 July 2009

Hi,Its an V-tech engine by deafault from Honda now on India its been launced in 1.2 as compared to 1.5 Ltr in other countries.I think Prices wont come down ,as per Govt norms if the car is above 4Mtrs the tax is more ..

Answer by Kiran 07 July 2009
Expert`s comment:

The number of buyers are certainly quite lower than that expected before launch.There are no indication of lowering of pricdes.However you can expect some offers during festive season.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2009

well my frnd regarding lack in pulling power while on a steep incline & in comparision wid a spark is not comparble as spark is a small n compact car while jazz is big and more over its new concept car.Sales fig of jazz r down as per launch expectations coz i/20(d) was supposed 2 b launched by dec09 but due 2 swift over success dey had launced mid way secondly honda also lack in providing diesel engine which is much popular now in india n moreover i/20 n jazz r look alike so hats up 4 i/20 diesel

Answer by Sandeep Singh 07 July 2009
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