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hi, my husband is in Army,and we want to buy a new car,first we r keen on buying fiat Linea,butwe heard that its spare parts are very costly.So i want to ask how costly are those parts ?
By Neetu 07 July 2009

hi neetu,
it depends on the type of the parts and car varient u buying, because 1.3 engine is the same in both the cars.but offcourse Linea is going to be slightly costly if its not a engine part as its a sedan, that indludes ur automation parts, ur power window, mirror etc..... So it almost 15 to 30% higher :)

let m knw if u need more info

Answer by Satyajit 07 July 2009
Expert`s comment:

Fiat Linea maintenance is not of much problem.The cost spare parts are of average( and related to the overall cost of car.Overall worth buying.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2009

It is true! Why you not go for maruti car model????

Answer by Aditya 07 July 2009

Most of these cases is usually hearsay (some one who has never walked into a FIAT showroom or driven a FIAT car commenting on a car without making efforts to check what he is saying). Just ignore what the scare mongers have to say, its complete rubbish. Not sure whats the source that you have heard this from, but make sense for you to go to show room and check the prices of the LINEA with that of a comparable car, just to satisfy yourself. I am using a LINEA since March09 and assure you that there its among the best available this side of 15lacs (you will have 7 lacs spare after buying the LINEA).

Answer by Yusuf 07 July 2009

Hi. My friend Yusuf says that most of the cases are hearsay. Well Yusuf you have been driving your Linea since MARCH 2009. I would like to draw your attention in this regard that new vehicles don't give that trouble in the first 2 years. Yes 3rd year and after that Fiat vehicles will make you cry. The spares are very costly and are mostly unavailable. Make up your mind before purchasing a Fiat vehicle.

Answer by HS Kohli 07 July 2009

I suggest you not listen any one's ideas including me.
Go to show room of TATA & FIAT,ask for the spare parts list with prices and compare with FIESTA/VERNA/OPTRA/CITY/SX4,whom i feel are competitors.
I felt the spare parts are also priced very competitively as the price of car.
I had no regrets in buying the car.
Please do not read too much into others thoughts,if you like it go ahead.With the amount of competition existing every car can be test drive and its spare parts cost can be found if you insist.

Answer by Sravan Kumar 07 July 2009
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