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Want to purchase an used car. Ist prefrence is FORD MONDEO.2ND is MITSUBISHI LANCER & the 3rd Prefrence is HONDA CITY. Pl. tell me about FORD MONDEO in detail. Also suggest which car to buy & why?
By Rajnish Gupta 07 July 2009
Expert`s comment:

Ford Mondeo is a greeat looking car with luxurious interiors, but its quite a failure of very poor mileage and high maintenance costs.Not in Showrooms now.Lancer and Honda City are good in performance with decent mileage.Taking into consideration of all parameters, it will be worth going for a Lancer it has good combination of comfort and performance,also available at around 2.75 lac.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2009

depends on your requirment wether u want milage or u want a driving car..
i Own a mondeo for last 2 yrs and im more than happy to own it..although now im looking to change but it has nothin to do with the car it jus i have new feelin for SUV's nowadays..Mondeo is the only car rated by OVERDRIVE with no deficiency at all..petrol model i own and it's a beauty to drive ..given a decent average of 10-11 in city and upto 15 on highways..however if u want to handover the car to driver than dont take it..regarding parts and maintenance..i disagree with people who says it heavy to maintain..for two years i have not seen any such moment ordinary 4-5k service bill on every 10k km's..and parts are easily available with don give problem if u run it in's a simple funda for every car u run if u run it rough it gonna cost u money for that matter even maruti will give u heavy bill so its basically how u take care of ur car..I use to have honda earlier..nice car decent avrage of 13 in city..but the build quality is light and definately features and space is less than parts and service is good..lancer no comments but i find it very cheap/./.
so as per me following is ranking
1.--mondeo (positive- everythin if u can afford 10km/ltr avareage, negative- none you'll fall in love with car once u drive it.)
2. honda (postive- milage good service, negative- light car less space and features)
3. lancer( very cheap)

Answer by Pawan 07 July 2009

i have a very good opinion about ford mondeo's performance and luxury. But the car became a failure is because of the maintenance cost and the availability of spare parts. Mondeo can give a good fuel efficiency in the diesel versions. In my opinion you could go for honda city as there is no much negative about that car. honda city is a good car and affordable.

Answer by Anand S Pankaj 08 August 2009
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