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Hi, I am using Maruti WagonR Lxi from last 7 months. Really fed up with riding & build quality of this car. Every 20 seconds I have to change up gears. Really very poor & bumby suspension. I have finally thought to change this car to Hyundai I10 Era (1.1). I want to know whether my decision is right or not. I am getting best resale of Wagon R. I am a true heart car rider. I Like gr8 pickup and driving pleasure in a car. I really love looks of I10. I thought of going for Kappa but that one is out of my budget. Please suggest me whether to go for I10 Era (1.1 Engine). What mileage can I expect in city with A.C.
By Vijay 07 July 2009
Expert`s comment:

Yes i10 will be a great selection and it wont disappoint with performance.You canexpect mileage of around 17 on average.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2009

I am using i10 era 1.1. In city conditions mileage is around 12-13 KM (with AC)

Answer by K K 07 July 2009

Go for swift or fiat punto

Answer by Kamlesh 07 July 2009

If you want a drivers car...go for the Swift. The 1.1 i10 is a wee bit underpowered esp on highways...(*a friend who owns this and me in a Swift raced each other...the swift won by a BIG margin...
Otherwise the i10 1.1 is a good car...

Answer by Nikhil 07 July 2009

i use getz 1.1 petrol nice car and leg and hed room is good and cost OF THIS CAR IS 4.4 LACK IN FULL LODED

Answer by Rauf Khan 07 July 2009

Dear, if you go through the look, then stay away from bying a car. My experience of driving WagonR is very good when compared to Santro. I did not drive i10, which is lookwise good.
Swift is superb in terms of look and performance and market. It has largest market in this category (Swift / i10 / i20 / A-Star / Ritz / Fabina )

Answer by Pankaj 07 July 2009

the i10 is any day bettr than the Wagon- R. Its technology is also advanced. It gives 12km in city running with the AC on.Good luck in ur decision....hope vu've not been confused by all the various feedbacks.

Answer by Monica 07 July 2009

Never buy a car from korean or american technology,always use japan technology vehicles....LIKE..TOYOTA, SUZUKI, HONDA,NISSAN,MAZDA,MITSUBISHI, YOU CAN DEPEND ON HONDA JAZZ OR MARUTI SWIFT

Answer by Saju 07 July 2009

You really want your Wagon R or Swift or Getz or Zing or Spark to out perform the rest ??? Visit and read up Info and Look Up " Silent Power " ~ A google search for Somender Singh will leave you zapped with what people across continents have to say ! Korean or American or Japanies or Germans none have his technology ?

i have driven his modified cars they are filled with torque from idle to infinity ! Need to get an appointment and take your car to Mysore ! For a One time change !

Stay Tuned !


Answer by Flamefront 07 July 2009

go for fiat punto or swift
2 days back me and 2 of my frnds raced on outer ring road (hyderabad)i was driving punto it was awesome and about the result
2. swift

Answer by GauraV 07 July 2009

I am using i10 for last one yr.Average is 11-12km in B'lore.A/c not always on.Less pickup than Santro but found the seating and the oveball ride better even than even W/R. Otherwise I am surprised on yr coments on W/R. Hundai cars are more expensive to repair but the overall Product quality and fit & finish are excellent

Answer by Daulat Singh Lodha 07 July 2009

Go for a FIAT Car, FIAT LINEA, GRANDE PUNTO or the PALIO depending upon the budget. These are the best cars in their respective classes and will give every thing a small, light weight and tinny Suzuki can give. The Hyundai's are really no better. Now if you want to go by popularity alone, certainly the road will not lead to a FIAT Showrrom. The choice is your, I have have been using FIAT's for 7/8years are think they are the best cars, and certainly the best for Indian Market.

Answer by Yusuf 07 July 2009

This refers to Sajus's response. In today's competitive world Brand likeness/ hatred is stupid way to decide for a car and you are drawing lines with respect to countries.
Behave matured.
the biggest car makers are not from Japan though Japanese technology is competitive too.

Answer by RAKESH 07 July 2009


Answer by SKP 07 July 2009

dear vijay ,
i do not think you had bitter experiance with wagon R where as WAGON R is widly accepeted car in india. as you told ypur budgt does not allow for kappa magna you go for ERA its almost same in delhi its give 14- 15km in city
go for it.

Answer by Jogendra 07 July 2009

dude...i owned wagon r previously and changed it recently.. i had all the worst experience which you have now especially the suspension and the changing gear etc...i bought swift vdi...and I am now completely satisfied...basically you will have to look for a bigger tyre when you want to change a car for suspension problem..and again you are changing your car once in a while and might wanna go for a bigger car than what you have now, dont go for the same kind of a car like i10...

Answer by Ashok 07 July 2009
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