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I own a Honda city automatic zx. from the time i took delivery of the car i found two things amis. 1st the steering does not return but stays in turned direction second a repeated thud sound from the left front side of the vehicle. I am being told it is normal for that model. Is it so????
By Darryll 07 July 2009

Hi Darryll - I had the same "Thud sound from the left side" even from small potholes or it checked witht the Honda Service center, and turned out it was the passenger door alignment that was the problem. The issue has gone away since they fixed that. Not sure if it's the same issue for your car, but the Honda folks are your best bet.

Answer by Nitin 07 July 2009
Expert`s comment:

Its not a common problem with ZX.It needs to be Inspected thoroughly.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2009

Both problems seem to be abnormal. I have honda city 2004 exi manual gear though...none of these problems occured in my car since last 5 years.

Answer by Hrishikesh 07 July 2009

hi... its not a common thing... get it checked... there must b some prob..
n its pretty unsafe to drive a car wen d steering doesn't come bk....

Answer by VISH 07 July 2009

I had the same issue of the steering not coming back to the orignal position . Usually happens if the car had some work done fir the steering . I was unable to get it resolved.

Answer by Rashid 07 July 2009

it's normal about sound-but about steering concern it should be checked throughly. i worked with honda only..
'I advised you, to have chk-up at authrosied service center'

Answer by Rahul Singh 07 July 2009

Better you check it with the dealer itself

Answer by Suresh 07 July 2009


About the steering there is a problem,please get it checked.
About the left side sound.Please get your car checked ie,suspension. It should not happen.
If you are going at a very high speed and your front tyre falls in a big pith then the sound appears.
This is because of so many reasons may be locked your car brakes while falling in the pith.If you have not done this then there is a problem.

Answer by Ramesh Magalanadu 07 July 2009
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