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Suggestion Needed! I have a Matiz. Its a 2000 year model. The car is in good shape and give me an Avg. of 13 with AC in city and about 16 with AC on the Highway. I'm considering to get it converted to a CNG now! Since I drive about 800 Kms per month on an Avg. So my petrol bills run up about Rs.3000/- I'll b using this car for about 2-3 more years minimum...Since is a top end model of Matiz, it has Power Steering, Power Windows, etc.. So sud I get it converted into CNG? Wud it be a hassle free usage? Suggestions?
By Ruchit Kapadia 07 July 2009
Expert`s comment:

Dear Ruchit,

Your getting a mileage of 13 with A/c in a city driving condition shows a lot about the good way in which you drive.

A Matiz can give 15/ 16 too in city condition and can go as high as 20+ on the highways. It has a superb fuel efficient engine.

My recommendation to you is since your car is already a 9 year old used car, avoid converting from motor spirit to CNG at this juncture. CNG tends to reduce the car pick up , which for a Matiz is already a bit sluggish.

Moreover it will not increase any mileage in your car sustantially. It will only help you reduce your cost of fuel by a good margin. If you plan to use this car for just another 2/3 years at an average of 800 kms a month, then you may not recover the cost of the Gas Kit that you fit.

Moreover , the resale of all Daewoo Motors/ Matiz is a big question. So you may not even end up getting a sound price for your extra fitment.



Answer by Anand Kute 07 July 2009

I agree with Ruchit. Think of selling your Matiz - see what you can get for your car and try to sell it. Think of going for another already converted second hand vehicle...

Answer by Sridhar 07 July 2009
Expert`s comment:

Fitting CNG to Matiz wont be a good idea as it may increase the maintenance problems that too with bit difficulty in getting spares for Matiz.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2009

Hi all!
Tnx for ur suggestions! How-ever as off now I can't afford to go for a new car since I don't want to have any monthly installments. And as off now the fuel consumption is killing me, as this month I've already spend bout 3K till now on the petrol. Since its rainy season the usage of my car has gone up! However I''' think over ur suggestions and let c, i might just continue with only petrol..
Tnx again all!

Answer by Ruchit 07 July 2009
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