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I own TATA Indica Petrol 2002 C N G fitted Although I have changed spark Plugs & New plugs leads still car is giving me troubles Its pick up is very slow Can you guide me as how to get rid of this to run the car smoothly.I shall be too greatfull to you
By Harbhajan Singh 07 July 2009
Expert`s comment:

Lower pickup and cold starting some of the problems arising because of CNG fittment.Youcanget the same repaired at tata authorised service center.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2009

It is not advisable to alter the source of fuel of the vehicle. you tend to damage not just the injectors but also the ELECTRONIC CONTROL UNIT that manages your vehicle system. 1)Disconnect all wiring that has been tagged to the original system and put original wiring back in same order. Though you have not specified in which condition the vehicle is giving you a problem.(CNG/PETROL)??. In any case get the 2) injectors inspected for slug. Get them cleaned by injector cleaner machine and check the spray. 3) check the Ignition coil condition and spark. 4) Disconnect the vacuum rubber pipe (top side) situated on the injector rail (golden in colour situated close to battery side). If fuel comes out from it then it has to be replaced. 5) check the fuel pump situated at the tank end for any dirt in the filter. 6) check the air filter and fuel filter condition and also fuel for adulteration. 7) remove catalytic converter and drive the vehicle without it. It may make a difference too. Replace it if so with a new one.8) Remove the spark plugs and have them cleaned. drive a distance 5kms and re- check the condition. If found with even coat of black carbon (dry), there could be a problem with the valve setting/ dislocation of valve lock/ valve seat thus keeping the valve in wrong position. You will have to take it to the Authorise dealer then, where in a scanner can tell you more. Happy repairs... let me know if it made some difference..

Answer by Darryll 07 July 2009

Thanks for your response .My TATA indica car is o.k.when running on petrol but problem starts while on CNG . Please advise

Answer by Harbhajan Singh 07 July 2009
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