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Can anyone suggest me in concrete that whether wagonr is going to be phased out in coming months since I am planning to buy it. If so should I go for Santro xing.
By VIPUL GUPTA 07 July 2009
Expert`s comment:

Wagon R is here to stay for long.Dont worry about being phased out.Even if its phased out there wont be any problem in service.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2009

I have sold wagon r.
Below are the points for advantage and disadvantage.
1. When the car goes into a pot hole the dashboard vibrates and produces an uncomfortable dhung sound.
2. Rear suspension is too soft. so soft that it literally throws the rear passengers out of seat.
3. Car vobbles above 50kmph. No road grip
4. The pillars restrict the view when you try to turn.
5. Taking reverse is very difficult
6. Engine refinement is disappointing.
7. In LPG Version the pickup drops 25-30%
8. Car does not feel stable at high speeds.
9. Gear shifting is not up to mark
10. not good to travel > 50 kms / day

1. Good commanding road presence.
2. Ease of ingress and outgress
3. gives the illusion of good space
4. generous boot space.

I would suggest you to go for i10. Santro is a good vehicle but has no road grip and not good on rough roads.

If you could extend your budget i would suggest you to go for Accent. I did the same. I bought wagon r not satisfied with it and exchanged it to accent.

some people could suggest you to go for dezire but accent is much more refined and powerful. it gives me 13 kmpl in city and 17kmpl in highways. note that shift gears in the following order 1 to 3 to 5

Answer by Ramesh Babu 07 July 2009

If you want to get a dependable car with easy availibility of affordable spares and a well knit servicing network go for a model from the Maruti stable. I am using a Wagon R after having used a maruti 800. Both the vehicles have given me satisfactory service in terms of comfort and dependability.

Answer by Robin 07 July 2009

Maruti (Suzuki) is just one of the many good car makers in the world and its not as if no one makes cars. Infact the European cars are much better, they are usually a bit heavier and hence safer and do more classicals stying, rather than quick copy that earlier Japanese (Now Korean's do). If you want a good car, spcious, rugged, safe and comfortable all under 4 lacs, nothing can come close to the the FIAT Palio Stile. Just vsit a showroom and compare it with Wagon R and you will see the difference. Dont forget to lift the bonnet (of both the cars) and feel the difference. The Palio will be strong a give a sense of sturdiness but the maruti will be light an give feeling as if u are lifting a tin can. Now you decide for yourself what you want !

Answer by Yusuf 07 July 2009

Santro Xing will be a better option.

Answer by MaNOJ 07 July 2009

Surprised to read the above feedbacks on wagon-R. I have had the car for past 9 years, never had problems, done 800Kms driving non stop at speeds from 80-120. Its ok upto 100-110 but above that its controls are not stable. About bumps- never had problems.
Yes reverse gear engaging does require a 2nd attempt and vehicle should hv power strng else its too hard.

Answer by AKB 07 July 2009
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