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i have royal enfield bike model 1998 ......... so i want to know tht i want to inscrease my bike milage is it possible
By Ganesh 07 July 2009

ur quiry is half a part. first u must declare the present millage and next how much u expect... if u love ur bike and u r possible to come chennai pl call me i will give bulletmech add . the topmost mech for bullet u will ride ur bullet with extra enjoy...good bike care it by proper mech.

Answer by GAUTAM JAIN CHENNAI 07 July 2009

my cell no is 9840265008

Answer by Gautam Jain Chennai 07 July 2009

at present millage is 26 nd my expectation is 50+ is tht possible

Answer by Ganesh 07 July 2009

thank u for giving ans nd i ill not change carburater iwann ride orginal royal enfield not modified in any case like carburater etc, one of my friend hv same bullet nd he as changed carburater into herohonda cd100 carburater at his present millage 65+

Answer by Ganesh 07 July 2009

if u want a enjoy of bullet than u u my run with company fitting carburatr. pl check cluch plate . drive chain adjustment ..and last head sitting .carb tunning than u get 35pl surely.. and if u want u may change carburater of pulsar 150/180 than u will reach 45/50 pl .. but u will loss the filling of good driving. and after 15000 km u have work in head bore. but no chance to 50+. now also i seen some bike with HERO HONDA SPLENDOR CARB ,IN BULLET FOR MILLAGE. I ALSO DRIVEN A SAME BIKE BIKE WAS GIVING FILLING AS RAJDOOT.. IF U R NEW TO BULLET THAN U TRY TO BEST DRIVING

Answer by GAUTAM JAIN CHENNAI 07 July 2009
Expert`s comment:

For the capacity of 350CC engine of bullet you can get maximum of 30 to 35KMPL and not more than that.The mileage does greately depend upon CC of engine.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2009

k i ill give but at present i m not having due to lost my cell phone . and he is a primary govt school teacher

Answer by Ganesh 07 July 2009

hi mr Ganesh . can u give me contact no/address of ur friend who have a bllet with cd carb, whigh give 65+ because i want for 1 bullet for millge purpose.

Answer by Gautam Jain Chennai 07 July 2009
Expert`s comment:

Dear Ganesh,

What mileage one can derive form ones vehicle/ bike mainly depends on:

1. The Make of the Machine/ Engine Capacity
2. The maintenance of your machine, sound servicing,original parts,better lubrication tyre pressures, clean carburetors etc...
3. More important , How You Drive/ Ride.

My recommendation to you would be avoid any modification to the original condition of your bike.

What inst clear as pointed out rightly by Shiva is you haven specified what is the current mileage basis which one can compare.

Given that the above first two points are well taken care of the more important point that can help you get the best possible out of your bike is how you drive,

Try and maintain the constant speed 9 55-60 kms/ hour]
Get on to your top gear in the lowest permissible time n speed without engine knocking. Avoid constant/ sudden breaking and changing of gears/ pressing of the cluth. This really kills the mileage.

Practice the art of constant speed driving and monitoring your acceleration/ deceleration without braking.

DO let me know what your current limeage is and lets try out some very basic changes in our riding pattern this should help you increase at least 3-5 kms per litre of Motor Spirit.



Answer by Anand 07 July 2009

sir today i meet one bullet expert mech . he r alters carburater of yamah gladitor to bullet . he is giving gurranty 45 kmpl without any loss in pickup.. total setting price is 2000 only . ( carburater cost +plunj +labour) if u dis like to run he can take return @1300. so loss only 700/ u may go for old carb setting. i think it too low amount for expeience..

Answer by GAUTAM JAIN CHENNAI 07 July 2009

thanku u mr gautam jain but for tht i must come to chennai , nd i m from hubli[karnataka]

Answer by Ganesh 07 July 2009

there will no need to come chennai or bring the bike here...if possible pl mail me ur mail id . i will send u plunj photos . so u can also remakeby ur mech through lath work . and u may buy gladiotor carb any where. than no difficult to setting .. i will be very happy if ur bullet run towards 50 kmpl... my mail id thanks

Answer by Gautam Jain Chennai 07 July 2009

pls dear mail me ur bullet pic with gladiotor carb ,i also wqnt o modified my bullet for millege pls
my i d is tc.
i want to perform wheeli on bullet so hat to doooooooo pls mail me

Answer by Sunny 09 September 2009
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