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dear sir i want to buy car i have 3 option 1. desire 2. grand punto 3. logan so pls adviced us which one is better one wbr nirvan
By NIRVAN 07 July 2009

go for logan it is economical with good engine (diesel). looks no great shakes

Answer by Colonel 07 July 2009

The Grand Punto is a hatchback and has just been introduced by Tata-Fiat; it remains to be seen whether they can support the product with adequate after sales service/spare parts back up. This has been a major problem of the Tata Fiat combine.

The Dzire (petrol and diesel) is a good three box , modern design, stable car, with adequate after sales service back up.Slightly more expensive thatn the Logan in comparable models.

Logan (petrol and Diesel) is a value for money car; looks a let down as compared to Dzire in the looks department.However, it is a well designed, sturdy car with good average in both categories(Diesel and petrol), successful in its category in Europe, though not as much so in India(probably from a step motherly attitude by Mahindra's which are marketing it).

Take your pick between Dzire or Logan. Look also at the Ford Ikon, which is in the same price category in Diesel and petrol.See what suits you vis a vis service back up in your area.

Answer by Pradeepjauhar 07 July 2009

Logan will be the best option out of your 3 short listed.

Answer by Heramb Kulkarni 07 July 2009

Dezire has the Maruti Tag, Verna very costly affair, But Logan has the technology and economical. I dont find any thing negetive other than low ground clearance.
If you are buying car for long term not expecting to sell or change frequently, better go with the logan comfort.

Answer by Shetty 07 July 2009
Expert`s comment:

Hi, Among the three Logon is more economical and cost effective.If style is not a constraint, Logon will be good selection,Otherwise Dzire.Punto will be a great selection if going for Hatchback.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2009

THough you are comparing Sedan with Hatchback and hence not an apple to apple comparison. However here you go.
1)DZire - SWIFT with a ill fitting (ugly) boot at the back and this has made the car worse than a SWIFT. 2) Logan is spacious, good ride, but is dated. Its 8/10year old east european (Romanian) car and you run the risk of the model getting discontinued soon. 3)Grande Punto is a Class leading Hatchbak, has been the best seller in the biggest market for hatchbacks that is Europe and has the looks to die for. The car has all the other advantages of a FIAT, safety, ride & handling, best diesel engine and top of the line features. So if you can compromise on the boot space, the Grande Punto is the choice. As regards the service, dont see how people who havennt owned FIAT cars can talk about that in authority, I have owned one for 6 years and can say that there is no issue with service.

Answer by Yusuf 07 July 2009
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