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I own a Maruti 800, Bharat III, year 2006 (4 Speed). Want to ask and take an opinion whether installation of 13" wheels to the 800 will be a good idea or not - as the clearance of this car is very low and touches speed breakers even at low speeds, however carefully it is manevoured, still touches the breakers, so thought of installing 13" wheels. Need to know the following if 13" are installed: 1) Whether the fuel average will increase or decrease ?2) Will knocking develop in the top gear ? 3) Whether initial pickup will increase or decrease ? 4) Will the front wheels will touch the aprons inside while negotiating sharp "U" turns ? Thanks. Najaf Ali Mirza Hyderabad
By Najaf Ali Mirza 07 July 2009

Yes you can do that.

13 inch alloy will change the high speed handling of the car stick to the original rim size but the alloys will look cool
Further, while Alloys look good, in the Indian context they're far from advisable, as they're more vulnerable to chipping and cracking on our pot-hole-ridden roads and unlike steel ones that can be by and large 'repaired', Alloys have to be replaced in toto at a substantial cost and finding one-off of the same design as the other 3-4 may be not easy at the best of times.

Answer by Jijuanair 07 July 2009

Not recommended as the Steering Geometry of the car would be affected since you would be changing the wheel size.

Answer by Col S Lalvani 07 July 2009

Every model has its own design & specificatios so pl dont attempt changing the wheel size

Answer by Solomonjaichander 07 July 2009

The 13" Alloy wheel is only a Rim size and that's nothing to do with your diameter of the Tyre, which will not improve your road clearence or will effect the turning radious.

You have to think on selecting larger size of the Tyre with 13" Rim and you may face issue like touching the body during turning and speedo meter modifications required.

Try to give some spacers on rear wheel to increase hight which may be usefull to your problem

Answer by Manjunath 07 July 2009

It is not advisable to alter the specifications. increase in diameter of wheel put load on engine while drive. In the trofic it may trouble in quick pick-up subsequently average per Km reduced.The problemsof touching the speed breaker might be with the reasis.
1 The suspension system might weak needs rectification
2 The speed breaker might be non standard elavation.
3 The car might be over wighted than specified.
At any cost alteration is not recommanded.
Thanking you.

Answer by A Vishwanath Reddy 07 July 2009

mr.Najaf Ali Mirza,as far as my opinion is concern, your neccessity will not make a much difference in the mentioned factors, my kind advice is dont invest much in the old cars,as whatever you make will not be added in the resale amount infact the changes will depreciate the value of the originality

Answer by Vijay 07 July 2009

13 inch wheels will not inc your avg,nor the top speed but will surely touch your car body while taking sharp turns. Also in the long run u may incur increased cost of repair/replacement of the suspension .

Answer by Sharad 07 July 2009
Expert`s comment:

Fitting of 13" will lead toproblems while taking turnasnthe tyre brushes with car body.there wont be muchchange in mileage,8oo ground clearence is quite good only thing is you need to be carefull with high road humps and drive slowly.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2009

Hello mr Mirza,

Do not use big tyre instead of that you can ask or machinics to just put something in ur shcoker which is called Kada and which will raise hight of car and for back you check with them.

Even if you would like to change tyres if will little bit put reduction in your avg around 1 or half km not more then that


Ravi Thakkar

Answer by Ravi 07 July 2009

13 inch is not will advesly affect mileage and also pick up. better to go for a ritz .your old car will get you 1.5 lakhs. with a loan of 2.5 lakhs at 8% interest you can have a brand new car with godd ground clearence.

Answer by Suresh Bosco 08 August 2009

My car maruti 800 2007 model, tires size 145/70/12. I want put little bigger size, wat size I can replace .

Answer by Sharada Chandith 01 January 2017
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