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I want to buy a sedan car ranging from 5-6 lacs. I drive hardly 7000 kms per annum. I am confused shall I go for Swift Dezire ( Petrol) or Ford Ikon (Desile)as both costs the same. Please guide me keeping in view cost+ fuel consumption+ maintenance carges.
By Kamlesh Rawat 07 July 2009

Although I was a proud owner of a Ford machine, but I would suggest you to go ahead with a Swift Dzire as I found it very tough to sell my ford, as the resale of a ford is much lower than a maruti vehicle.....Otherwise a ford car is really a pleasure to drive....and its pickup and power is really good as well.....But the interiors of Ford are dated as compared to a Dzire....but I havent seen the Ford Diesel from inside.......

My recommendation - Go for Dzire...


Answer by Paramjit Singh 07 July 2009

I was an ex user of Ford for 6 years. first is your reqt of car, as per you annual driving you should go for a petrol car.
In petrol U need to take a call Ford is what the US cops also use( proving their toughness etc) and one of the most established cars and economical. Dezire is end of the day Indian brand so the associated advantage of low maint, but huge disadvantage of delivery period etc. My opinion would be if budget is uptill 5 then ikon if till 6 + the Fiesta

Answer by Sanjay 07 July 2009

Between the two cars you mentioned. According to the run of the vehicle, I recommend you an petrol driven car. Ford is known for high maintainance costs and the diesel engine under the hood of ford is noisy. I prefer you go for swift dezire VXi. Happy shopping. Bye

Answer by Pradheep 07 July 2009

Given your usage and budget go for the DZire Vxi. Zxi would be more than 6 lakhs. Ford vehicles are excellent but don't command resale value and are expensive to maintain

Answer by Srinivas 07 July 2009

you go for petrol vehicle.. b-coz your vehicle uses is very low.. and petrol engine is better then diesel engine.. maintainance & engine life 4m both

Answer by Arup 07 July 2009

Sir thanks for the reliability you have entrusted on me. If you based in a city where the Dealer is also located it is good with both the cars but Swift Desire has an edge over Ikon. If Ford company is not in your locality forget it totally. 7000 km / Annum - I pray you can dismiss the car idea and walk a bit.
Good Luck,

Answer by Durai 07 July 2009

You can better go for Maruti Dezire since the maintenace cost of ford ikon may be higher as there are not many service stations dealing with Ford care. Moreover as your plying distance is abysmalyy low, better go for petrol cars

Answer by Kumaresan 07 July 2009


Take a test drive of both the cars, Chose the one which you feel good in handling. Please verify the spare parts price and maintainance cost of the new Ikon TDCI as it is now very compititive to Maruti. In 1 word i proudly say that i'm the owner of New Ford Ikon Diesel. till now i run 22,000 km and spent only 4,100 for servicings(3 services). Go to any of the ford service centre for comparing spare parts prices with maruti

Vijay Bhaskar

Answer by Vijay 07 July 2009
Expert`s comment:

Swift Dzire will be a better selection for overall performance and maintenance.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2009

hello kamlesh'
dont get confused your usage seems to be very minimal.u an go for a petrol than diesel maintenance equals maintaining four maruti petrol cars.when compared to ford swift is best.

Answer by ELAYARAJA MANIAN 07 July 2009
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