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dear sir i want to buy a daily drive is between 60-100 km .which is the best bye between dezire deisel,ikon ford and accent cng pls tell +ve and -ve points
By SURENDRA 07 July 2009
Expert`s comment:

Among te three Swift Dzire is a good option but its waiting time is quite high.Accent CNG is wont make much difference in expenditures, though performance of Accent is proven success the CNG version is yet to be successful.Considering the same price range and utilisation mentioned, recommended to go for a SUV like Mahindra Xylo with which there is greater utility.However if willing for sedan, Dzire diesel is a better one among the three.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2009

Among the three cars you desire to buy. In my opinion ford is easy to buy but very expensive to maintain at the same time the new Ikon-Duratorq has lot of vibrations inside and the insulation is not at all good. Accent CNG is cheap to run but it has not been succcessful till date. Swift Dzire is a proven vehicle with a wonderful fiat engine under its hood and also cheap to maintain but the waitlist time is very long (in the tune of 5-6 months). For the same price you can try Logan thats another good buy. The engine is great and the handling and mileage are really good. So weigh your options intelligently. Have a nice time bye

Answer by Pradheep 07 July 2009

The choice from the three should be the DZire. It is easy to maintain and run. The top end version has a waiting list of 4-6 months but the Vdi version is readily available. The new ford ikon diesel is a good car to drive but is expensive to maintain and is an old design. The Accent is going to be phased out soon.

Answer by Srinivas 07 July 2009

In Ikon u get more front legroom and rare legroom space aswell the maintainance cost is less. The spares are almost equal or less cost. The new Ikon diesel is coming with 100,000 km guarantee. long drive Speed ikon is better(175km/h)fuel efficiancy ikon is better 18 in city with A/C on and the handling, looks, comfort driving obviously great in ikon only.

the above are compared with Dezire. Ikon is a smart buy

Please compare the spare parts cost and maintainance cost before buying.

Answer by Vijay 07 July 2009

FIAT LINEA Multijet Diesel is the best choice - best in class mileage, top of the line in features, and the best power to mileague ratio of 90bhp : 18KM per litre. Best in class safety & Space and not to mention the classic elegance of Italian Design. The car challenges not the cars in its class, but the cars one category above i.e the cars in the 15lacs price range.

Answer by Yusuf 07 July 2009

Fiat Linea is pricey!! Diesel version costs 9-10 Lacs.
Ford Ikon - as always has been, very good to drive, excellent pickup, style, fuel efficiency. there has been talks about expensive maintenance, but with increased effort from Ford, the maintenance now a days are almost equal to a Swift dzire. I Vote for IKon..!!
Also, look at Chevrolet (Aveo), 3 yrs maintenance free from company!!

Answer by Alok 07 July 2009
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