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i want to import used car from japan, so what is the procedure and what kind of duties and taxes i have to pay and to whom ishould contact please confirm the details. thanks
By Shaikh Altafraza 07 July 2009
Expert`s comment:

For importing the duty can range from 150 to 200 percent.Please contact customs officials regarding the same.You can also approach airlines for getting exact information.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2009

i want to import Nissan-InfinitiQx4 used car from USA. What is the procedure for import the car?


Answer by Balachandar 07 July 2009

Dear Shaikhsahab,

The total Customs duty incidence on import of cars comes to approximately 181%. This car can only be imported, if you are transferring residence into India and the engine capacity is less than 1600 cc for new cars, there is no cc limit for old and used cars, supposed to be in your possession for more than 1 year

Import licence isnt required for importing cars and other vehicles into India.
1. You should have been continuously stayed in that country for a period of two years before coming to India for permanent settlement.
2. You have to make payment for the car abroad.
3. The car should have been in use for atleast one year prior to importer's return to India.
4. The car should be imported within six months of the arrival of importer in India.
5. The custom duty should be paid in foreign exchange
6. You are free to sell this car in the open market after your return to India without any restrictions about the period of retention of the vehicle.
7. The import duty is charged on the basis of list price prevailing. However, trade discount and depreciation on the value are deducted from the price list but freight from the country of manufacture and insurance charges are added.The landing charges are further added to arrive at the final assessable value.

Trusting that you would be using this information for your own reference and in complete legal framework.



Answer by Anand Kute 07 July 2009

I think you guyz are kidding...
TRANSFER OF RESIDENCE policy is banned now..
and it is illigal to import used car...

Answer by Sumit 07 July 2009

As per my knowledge, the information give by Anand Kute is 100% true. Thats the procedure to import the car.
Actually, even I was about to import the car from Qatar. These formalities I could not fulfil so I gave up.
But this is the way to import the car.

Answer by Nilesh Pokale 07 July 2009
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