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I have a indica dicor and its 1year 5 months old. 6 months back the belt was making noise when i used to start the car,then I approached the service centre and so the service center replaced it.I was lucky as my car was in warranty period and they replaced the belt Now it has started making noise again. In long run is this car good to keep. I am worried will it be a on going process or there is a solution to this.
By Tejas 07 July 2009

Dear Teja
I would like to say that its a matter of chance that your car is suffering repeatiadly on the same problem as far as I m concerned I m driving ordinary V2 for last 5 years & has got it replaced only once & even at that point of time it was not giving any kind of noise or trouble to my car. It was replaced just in anticipation thats all.Well remaining upto you & if still u want to sell ur car just let me know if u r near chandigarh.

Answer by Anuj 07 July 2009

Dear Tejas,

Best of the my knowledge it happen with all indica car specially with Disel car. But when engine get hot or after some run the noise automatically stop. If you are using ur car regularly. This problem will be not happen.

Answer by Ganesh 07 July 2009

Dear Teja,
Most probably the problem is with the pulley and not with the belt . It shouldn't happen on a new car. But with a certain percentage of manufacturing defect expected in any product, i think this is a isolated case, unfortunately occurred in your car. Insist to change the pulley by the dealer which he is delaying,i hope, as the car is in warranty period. As soon as the warranty is over he will charge for the same.

Answer by Anil 07 July 2009

Hi Teja,

Please get rid of this silly car called indica, I had sold
the same as it's useless to drive indica even for a year. My sincere advice to you is to sell your car ASAP, because the problem you have mentioned is a regular feature in Indica and you have to change your belt every 5000 km. Rest up to you

Answer by Manish 07 July 2009

The noise of the belt is a very common feature in Indica, but it can rectified by the TATA qualified service centre. Where exactly the problem lies, only they can tell, it will not be possible for anybody to tell whether its the pulley or worn off belt or some other thing, just by reading your problem.I have been using Indica V2 for past 5 years, its good VFM and economical to run and intelligently spacious.

Of course, its no match for the technology of japanese and korean cars, those cars are a real pleasure to drive, they can zoom and stop with a hint of acceleration and braking.

The choice whether to keep or sell is yours, if you want driving pleasure Indica is no match to the japanese cars, but if you want VFM [more car per car, as their ad says] you can stick to it.
Also, if you are located in a place where temperature in summer exceeding 40-42 is a regular feature, your engine will get overheated with the A/c on after 70,000 km.
Take your decision accordingly .

Answer by Rahul 07 July 2009

hi tejas, the issue is the belt is loose. Means, it is not so loose that it will fall off, but slightly loose that when cold, it slips over the pulley. But, once runs for a while and gets hot, the grip becoms better and noise goes..A good meachnic would be able to correct the same by tightening the pulley appropriately. Certain cases, it could be due to the pulley also..You may join the Indica users groups in yahoo for any other queries...

Answer by Anil 07 July 2009

hey, it happens not only with Indica, but with all other cars too. There is a very unique way to fix it and very inexpensive too. The cause of the screeching noise is the loss of moisture content and the dryness of the belt due to it. Just hold a candle (Unlit) tightly against the belt while the engine is running for about 60 seconds let the belt get that lubrication of the candle wax fully and Lo, The sound is gone. There is no need to change the belt at all unless it is defective.

Answer by Vishu Kamath 07 July 2009

Dear i using the indica dls from last 5 years and there is not a single complaint wether you maintain the car carefully, and your question is the prob. of the belt is arrising so in my opinion you better call to the higher authorities of the tata motors,too resolve the prob.for permanantly, and I would suggest to mr Rahul for the advice he given to you dear i am staying in rajasthan and here temperature is always higher then 40-42 digree c', and he is very true that after 70000 km's my car is also heating up, I went to clean up my car radiator after that the temp. is not coming up to the half of the meter now in 45 degree c' too so that is not the issue.

Answer by Sanjiv Arora 07 July 2009

Hi Tajas,

I owned Indica for almost 5 years and I faced similar problem but I could resolve it.
It is a perenial problem with variants of Indica.

I dont think you will find solution to it.


Answer by Sandeep 07 July 2009
Expert`s comment:

As the belt is now, problem could be solved by adjusting belt tension.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 09 September 2009
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