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I am planning to buy a Indigo CS diesel. According to the reviews on the internet, DICOR is better, but , when I went to tata motor showrooms, they are strongly suggesting TDi engine, instead of the Dicor engine. I am unable to decide as to whether it is genuine suggestion or is it that they get more margin on TDi and are pushing for increased sales of TDi. They say that Dicor engine is giving troubles after some time. Can I have an expert opinion on this please.
By Udaya Bhaskar Rao 07 July 2009

I am planning to buy a Indigo CS diesel.
so sent the detail immidatly.

Answer by Naresh Kumar 07 July 2009

I have Tdi Indigo-Marina. My experience is that when you drive on the high way, the car is a pleasure to drive with ample Turbo power which helps you zoom past the bottle necks etc, making the drive fatigue free. BUT within the city at a speed less than 50 Kms, it is a pain to shift the gears very often to keep up the pace of bumber to bumper traffic. The milage on high ways is abt 15-16kms wid AC at 100 Kms speed average and city is 12-14(AC)Max. If your driving is predominantly on highway, you can consider Tdi.

I have not driven Dicor engine, so cant offer comments. You can trial the Dicor to compare the draw backs I have stated in Tdi to decide what is suitabe to you. Good Luck.

Answer by Pirebhuoo 07 July 2009

I believe new Indigo will be sooner on roads. Indigo CS might also be getting a new design. So If I were you, I will wait for another 2-3 months.
Otherwise, take a Look at Swift Dezire and Logan - They both are surly much better vehicles than CS.

Answer by Benny 07 July 2009

I am very sure , you will burn your hand once you buy a tata product. Moreover tdi is a big failure within tata range. I had a very bad experience with tata. Better otions are available in market like Ford 1.4L Duratorq. You get 1,00,000 kms/2 years warranty!

Answer by Samantha Rai 07 July 2009

do not buy a tata car. after somtime all their car give trouble. most unreliable cars in india are the tata cars. they are extremly high on maintenance & ordinary on fuel efficiancy. better to go for hyundai accent / honda jazz.

Answer by Gaurav 07 July 2009

the dicor is far better as it uses the state of the art common rail diesel engine technology.The Indigo CS is a good car and don't listen to anyone,if u like the car then go for it..cheers..

Answer by Rohit 07 July 2009

do not buy tata dicor , i have an tata indigo xl with dicor , its been in tata motor garage for more than 2 months for 2 times in 18 months , dont buy at all , the timing belt , the nozzle its no use they dont have same in stock when in warranty period , my car number is up78 bk 1739 , my mobile number is 9839453248

Answer by Malay 07 July 2009
Expert`s comment:

Aamong TDi and DICOR, Dicor will be a better option for its increased efficiency and the same technology has been implemented in many makes with different names.Overall Indigo CS Dicor will be worth buying and if you can wait for few months New Indigo on the platform of Indica vista is on the cards.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2009

hi , its fun to read when it comes to reviews on the tata cars.its ironical , but true ,people want a cheap & economical car & then expect the moon out of it. i have been using tata cars for a very long time , yes , there are cases of teething problems , which every one did not face. no doubt , its the largest selling car next only to maruti(but don't forget maruti has a larger range of models),that shows people have faith in this economical & cost effective car.
iam not being baised , but tata has an excellent record when it comes to warranty/replacement is concerned , because its governed by J.D power and these ratings means a lot to these guys.
comming to the point of a DICOR , yes tata did have a problem initially with this engine , because of the turbo. they were earlier using a VGT (which i think is phenomenol)and are now using a waste gate turbo , which is good but will not give you that instant surge in pickup. now that has been rectified & people are happily driving around with out any problems. like some one mentioned in thier response regarding the timing belt. yes DICOR did have a problem , but not with the timing belt but the alternator belt, which again rectified & fitted with retro fitment free of cost.
the reason i can share my views is because i own a INDIGO-DICOR bought about 19 months back & have already covered 55,000kms. even i had a few problems initially with my car ,like the alternator belt & oil leakages , which was immediatly attended to. iam happy with my car ,it has a good pick up , no vibrations & one good thing of the dicor is that you do not feel the drop in the pick up when the a/c is put on .i get a good milage of 15-16 in the city with the a/c on all the time & around 19 kmpl on the high ways. you mentioned about the margin on selling a TDI & a DICOR , well i don't know their margins but its not true. may be the sales guy is trying to be a little conservative in selling this car. you said you want to go for a CS. its the indigo thats gonna change , CS is gonna continue. if price/budget is not an issue , like most of them have opined , wait for the new indigo. its the same engine of the LENIA.

Answer by Munaf Patel 07 July 2009

I am quite surprised from the fact that how can a person like Rohit , who owns a classic car like Maruti Baleno talk goodies about a Tata product. I have already mentioned many times about my pathetic experiences of Tata Indica I owned.After keeping the car for five years and spending the same amount of money as I bought it for, I am much relieved & comfortable after selling it and very happy person after buying a Maruti Baleno.Moral of the story is that "Don't buy a Tata product unless you have all the time, money and enegy to spend on it". As far as views of Munaf Patel are concernes that "don't expect a moon out of such a cheap product', my dear friend, Tata's din't ask you and me about the pricing of their product and moreover they earn the other way too by repairing of the vehichles. So they make a fool out of the people by making money both ways. Only the other day I was reading views of a person on this very site as to how much sick and tired he was after he bought a new Indica Vista.In his view, one should only buy a Tata product if one owns his own workshop.

Answer by Rajesh Narula 07 July 2009

Iam surprised reading the reviews,I own Indigo of 5 year old and swift (VDI)of 1 1/2 year old.
To me my old Indigo was low on initial pick and with A/C on.But my expenditure for maintainance was not high as many of you talked about.Moreover seeing all reviews on net bought Swift diesel,it was definitely better as far as engine is concerned,but there is too much body sounds (especially door noises).Later i had an opportunity driving Indigo cs TDI and Indica vista Multijet.Both the cars has shown good improvement in all the aspects campared with my indigo.
It clearly shows that TATA is quite serious about products and their performance. Even experience of service had been good,as good as Maruthi.Yes there are some service centers they do not response well,but it will be same with Maruthi either.
As far as your question is concerned yes there were quite a few problems with DOCOR when first launched but they might have definitely rectified many of those.To me if you go for Diesel cars buy a TATA product because they are pioneers in it.
TDI is well tested, rectified and much improved engine with decent milage and reasonable pick up.DICOR gives good milage with exellent pickup even with A/C.TATA cars are specially built for diesel engines unlike maruthi,where their cars mainly built for petrol engines.

Iam waiting for INDIGO vista diesel so that i can sell old indigo and buy new product.
Lastly its all depend upon you budget (around 5 lakhs it is good to go for Indigo CS.

Answer by Sravan Kumar 07 July 2009
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