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Mr. Siva, What is the difference between certified cars and new cars? Is it worth and reliable to buy a certified car? My friend told me that they can change the odometer KM reading. Recommand me a good company Regards, Abraham
By Abraham 07 July 2009

go through or
these companies gives you extended warranty as well.
you can trust these dealers if you are buying an used car.

Answer by Shrish 07 July 2009
Expert`s comment:

Hi Abraham,
A new car is a nwe car, where as a 'ertified car' is a 2nd/ 3rd hand car, which the complany had bought and refurbished it to a great extent.
Usually a certified car is a good option when you cant not afford a new one. HONDA and Maruti have their own certified cars showroom in most of the cities.
Mahindrta's First Choice is also quite good and reliable. But make sure that you take a mechanic along to check the car completly before you pick it up.

Answer by Joshua 07 July 2009

Dear Abraham,

One can easily see that you are a first time buyer.No problem.

A Certified Car stamp in India is just yet another way of fooling ignorant customers in India. Its just a marketing gimmick. Just like the PUC Stamp. It means nothing to no one. Any certified car is a used car, it could be a second owner, third or fourth and so on. These dealers/ company owned dealer brands pick up used cars from the market at dirt cheap prices, refurbish them to certain workable conditions, dent / paint and Polish these beautifully to make it appear flawless, and resell these at prices way above market values of the exisiting models.

Be it Maruti, Be It Mahindra's First Choice or any other dealerships, my experience has been the same. Eg. Mahindras' first choice was recently selling a Used Palio EL 2001-02 for Rs. 195000/- when the market price of the vehicle is less than Rs. 100000/-

A new car is always a first hand car purchased from a showroom in the original manufactured condition. Once a car comes out of the showroom on road , it immediately becomes a used car. Trust this clears your understanding.

A humble request to you is , pl get an excellent mechanic who is reliable too, with you while you are going to inspect the vehicle you need to buy. Ascertain clearly , the true value of the vehicle, understand market dynamics, test drive the vehicle and only then , if comfortable, buy it.

A recommendation is to buy a vehicle that you know , that is not being abused. Probably from someone you know well, and not likely to cheat you. There are also some decent dealer sin the marketplace who sell truely genuine , used cars.Do try them.

All the best, happy driving.



Answer by Anand Kute 07 July 2009

Thanks a lot for your answers

Answer by Abraham 07 July 2009
Expert`s comment:

For certified cars refurbaration is done by replacing all worn out parts and hence life of vehicle is improved a lot.Aafter that warranty is also issued for limited usage .Such ares are called certified cars.
Used cars are ustomer to customer deal cars condition is mainy judged by experience and test drive. In all cars odometer can be tampered, but in certified cars you will have confidence of genuine quality offcource with extra payment.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2009
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