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hi i recently bought swift vdi and i heard that if i install k&n filter i will get good milege and performace. first thing i just want to know is it true. second is which filter i have to use, k&n stock filter or k&n performance filter. does these both filters suit my vehicle.please guide me and if i have to install which one and also suggest me the part no and details.

By Harinathsuresh on Jul 11, 2009


  • First of all why do u want to improve ur milleage for vdi because already swift vdi gives very good milleage, even in long runs if the speed is maintained at 100 u will get 22/litre, and if u maintain at 80 u will get 26/liter. within city in chennai i got 18 with ac. so i guess to add another performance booster is not necessary and my advice is if this i done in future long runs that might harm ur vehicle.....
    Answer by Diwan on Jul 12, 2009

  • Hi Harinathsuresh
    First of all, Please let us know how much mileage you consider is good mileage. Anyhow if you are not satisfied with the performance & mileage of the car, you better contact the Maruti workshop and go for it only & only if they advise you to do so otherwise do not take any un-necessary PANGA with your car.
    Answer by Kdsingh on Jul 12, 2009

  • Expert Hi,
    There wont be much difference with performance by changeing filter.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Jul 15, 2009

  • Hi,
    Its a waste spending money on K& N Filters as it is u will get good pick up & mileage. I have fitted a K&N filter for my wife's Santro and it is of no use.
    Answer by Manjunath on Jul 15, 2009

  • Hi Hari
    Actually K&N filter have more air intake which burns your fuel very effectively resulting in more combursion of drop of fuel. Because of this you get more output from your car in terms of more pick up & more mileage.
    Mileage result wont be that much visible(5to10%) but pick up definitely will rise.
    Answer by Nilesh Pokale on Jul 16, 2009

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