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Mere maruti800 Model Feb2000 ka pichheka [shockobsever] Pata tut gaya hai, tho konsa pata lagau. MGP or TATA ka? ek saath do pate lagana sahi hai ya original jaisa ek hi lagau? plz reply ASAP.

By SONALI on Jul 10, 2009


  • Thanks! Shiva Ji. I request you plz Delete My Question from Here!! I am very disappointed!

    Answer by SONALI on Jul 11, 2009

  • Expert Hi Sonali, we check all the answers after they are posted and delete any wrong or abusive messages! In fact we would have deleted this message ourselves!
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Jul 11, 2009

  • Expert Hi,
    Please always use MGP for Maruti cars for better performance.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Jul 11, 2009

  • Expert Please give only proper advice here.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Jul 11, 2009

  • Sir It is not enough! you should check answer then post it! which is proper or abuse! B'coz this is very nice site! thanks for deleted his answer!
    Answer by SONALI on Jul 11, 2009

  • Hi Sonali,
    Of course use MGP. But do only no of leaves as per the original. By the way which is your town and its road condition. Being monochoque body you may have to reinforce the load bearing zone if you decide to increase the leaves. Good luck.
    Answer by S Natarajan on Jul 11, 2009

  • Please replace both leaves with MGP brand.
    Answer by COL SUNDER LALVANI on Jul 11, 2009

  • hi, go for mgp, no second thought. but how about new car if you have recurring problems.good luck.
    Answer by A V Patil on Jul 11, 2009

  • hi sonali please sell ur car 2000 model is very old model now u change aur upgrade ur model
    Answer by Shanky on Jul 11, 2009

  • Always use MGP parts only.Use of double patta is advised if u tend to increase the carrying capacity of the car.
    M800 is for four/five people only so use single patta if u intend to carry 4/5 people,else go for double patta.
    Answer by Sharad on Jul 12, 2009

  • Hi, Go for MGP, kindly make sure both the front studs fixed in the right way, some times even the reputed dealer like Popular makes a mistake of fixing both the rubber seals ulta ,if you renew your rear shock absorber sets by the by do wheel balancing. if other things are ok dont sell the car service it properly and use it. wish you happy and safe motoring. Be a corteous driver.all the best
    Answer by VENKAT on Jul 12, 2009

  • use mgp parts is better than other

    Answer by Ajay on Jul 12, 2009

  • hmmmmmm,i dnt knw exactly,but phir bhi go 4 original one,any one,bt original....thanks
    Answer by Mukul on Jul 12, 2009

  • Thanks to all and Mr. Shiva Shankar you taken good action. thanks once again!
    Answer by Sonali on Jul 13, 2009

  • Sonali Mme.
    Pl. go for only MGP spares that can well suit to your car. Its a good car you can be happy if you care it. Thanks.
    Answer by A Vishwanath Reddy on Jul 13, 2009

  • Use MGP pata and replace both patas, because you have to buy pata in pairs. Which is technically right. If you replace only single (if you manage to get single pata) pata, then new pata will have high tension than the old one and if you see your car from back allignment will be mess. Go for MGP pata pair. Cost arround Rs. 1000
    Answer by Vishal on Jul 13, 2009

  • Hi sonali , my suggestion is always use maruti original spares beacuse it good in qualitiy and accuracy. second is plz change both and use single patta if u use double patta you loss the comfort and its very hard to your car its give crackness in your car body.
    Answer by AMAR SINGH on Jul 13, 2009

  • Expert Dear Ms Sonali - seems you asked a question and got 18 answers :)...well they all seem to agree!
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Jul 13, 2009

  • Thanks Mr Shiva! I got answer! even my doubt also clear! thanks!
    Answer by Sonali on Jul 14, 2009

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