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Hi, I have a maruti-800 2004 model. I am the 3rd owner for the same and i have been trying to sell it for the ast 3 months as i want to upgrade to a bigger car. I have options linede up in my mind but i am not getting a good price for my car.. i have maintained it very well.. it has done 54k kms.. regularly serviced.. since it was a standard model i got subros A/C kit fitted along with central locking.. can anybody tell me what is the price i can expect??.. the best offer i have got so far is 95k
By Vivek 07 July 2009

Which city ru in?

Answer by Vijas 07 July 2009

Hi Vivek,
If I'm not mistaken, you are from Bangalore.
There are few things that need to be considered for pricing. While physical inspection of the vehicle may be required, other factors for consideration are:
1. You are 3rd owner.
2. Its already been driven for 54,000 kms. So it will require some major checks and changes if any.
3. A lot of price cut is happening on new cars, so market is changing.

I would say that a price range of Rs. 1,10,000- Rs. 90,000 is where this fits in.
Hope you get a good deal!!

Answer by Anshuman 07 July 2009

The location of your place plays an important role to about 15% of the price. Closer you are to Delhi & other Metros, lower is the price. Further, the state road taxation, the type of Insurance, Extra fittings and number of times the owners have changed are the components that contribute to price to be determined.
Taking all the above points applied to your case, the third ownership and retro fitting of A/C etc., does not compensate you with your expectation. If you get between 95 -1.10 lakh of rupees, you may sell the car. Good luck.

Answer by Pirebhuoo 07 July 2009

I, as a prospective used Maruti buyer, would look at a threshold that is much lower than the price of the Nano. I feel that no one would like to go for a Maruti that costs close to the Nano. One would rather buy a "new" Nano for 1.4 lakhs than a used Maruti.
That said, it is better to sell off your car before Nano production starts with full capacity.

All the best.

Answer by Vijay 07 July 2009

Hi Vivek,
The city where you want to sell your car matters a lot. Besides physical inspection matters. In today's scenery think you got a good deal, already. Nevertheless, do approach a Maruti dealer in your city and ask for exchange offer. Whatever he quotes along with the discounts you may add about Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 and arrive at the basic market price. Then you plan your disposal accordingly.
All the best.

Answer by S Natarajan 07 July 2009

Post lauch of Nano...prices hav only if are fine selling it at throw away price..sell it else keep it as your 2nd car...coz Maruti 800 is very low on u really need not spend much to keep this as a 2nd car.

Answer by Chandy 07 July 2009

Hi Vivek,
launch of other cars with low prices , it also depends price of your car, city also matter, one more important thing your car is third handler , by my point of view if u sell delhi like city , u can got around 70.


Answer by Shyamji Gupta 07 July 2009

I think 95K is a good price given the age and ownership - Dispose it before the price reduces further. It is buyer's market now...

Answer by Kannan 07 July 2009

95 k is very good price dispose the vehicle soon.The used car market is melting down,True car value people are going to close their market as soon as

Answer by Suresh 07 July 2009

95 k is good amount keeping in mind u are the third owner.u may get a better deal at mul showroom if u upgrade to a higher model offered by maruti

Answer by Sharad 07 July 2009

Hi, i would like to buy ur car, if u r near by, or frm delhi..
Rahul Singh

Answer by Rahul Singh 07 July 2009
Expert`s comment:

Considering the present market situation and resale value of Maruti 800. The 800 of 2004 model can be sold for around 1.25to 1.35 lac max.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2009

Please let me know the city to which car belongs to(if Bangalore please contact me)

Answer by Prasad 07 July 2009


Answer by SANDEEP 11 November 2015
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