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I Have a Indica turbo car 2006 modle. I am facing problem regarding its A/C Belt, Alternater belt After every two month it got cut and I have to change it. Can you please let me know why this happen? My car has done only 54000 Kms and I have change that belt Thrice. Thank you Himanshu
By Himanshu Nagpal 07 July 2009

Go to dealer ship and ask what is the problem. They will thoroughly chek and then tell you . Once give money to dealership and if problem come . you report case to their service head. They will replace it free of cost

Answer by Deepak 07 July 2009

Dear Mr. Nagpal,

I would suggest U to take Ur car to good service centre and find out problem, I would suggest U to go to CAR CARE at Thane they might be able to solve this problem. They have given us execellence service all these years.



Answer by RAVI 07 July 2009

Dear Himashu,

I believe there is a problem with the belt only. Check whether the belt is genuine or not. if the belt is quite hard then it tends to cut apart. Trying using a genuine belt and i beleive your problem will be solved

Answer by Abdul 07 July 2009

Do your maintenance at an authorized Tata Motors service centre. They will rectify this and if the same problem recures within 6 months they will rectfy this free of cost.

Answer by IYPE KOSHY 07 July 2009
Expert`s comment:

The problem is with belt and needs to be replaced if worn out to avoid brakedown.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2009

If the belt is of correct quality then allignment of belt path must be wrong get it alligned.

Answer by KURKUTE J D 07 July 2009

Mr. Nagpal

The problem which arise is very common infact the main cause will with the wheel which connects the a.c. belt with diamo which supplies the power to the a.c. mach. if the wheel is sliped from its position their are chance of belt allinment and chance of belt is cut. if wheel is in its correct position and works properly thier will not be any problem. kindly go through the wheel which you can see from beind the right wheel ( front side).if not contact the authorised a.c. tech. of telco.


Answer by Kiran 07 July 2009

Indica /Indigo , have a modified fan pulley , check if they also replaced the old with new - it happened to me also . now it is ok

Answer by Jaipla Kumar 07 July 2009

Some indicas have this problem. I am also facing similar problem. I am replacing the belt after every 15000 kms.

Answer by Suman Dutta 07 July 2009

I have not had this problem,however you can check the pulleys for abrasion,cuts ,ac compressor for oil levels,and alignment of the pulleys.The quality of belt whether the one from company or outside.You can try company brand getaz belt apparently this gives good life.
thanks Sannath

Answer by Sannath 07 July 2009
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