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I plan to buy an economical LPG fueled car and has to select from Zeta LPG, Wagon R Duo and Santro Zing Eco. Prefer Zeta due to its kerb weight and space and of course price. Can you please advise me about the performance of engines and overall mileage with a/c. I hear that Tata Petrol Engine is not good and with LPG it would be worse. We cannot have an objective comment on it from the marketing dept. and I do not know any users too.
By Ranjith 07 July 2009

I Suggest you to go with Santro. I am Having TATA indica Deisel. But I Know Tata engines are not good. It always give you trouble.

Answer by Himanshu 07 July 2009

True..Thats the reason Tata themself have opted for Fiat Engine and gearbox for Indica Vista. Which is a much better and priced more than indica V2.
I have a santro petrol vehicle since last 4 years and till now not even one issue with the engine has come up.But hope you have done a ROI (return on investment) for the extra amount you will be paying for LPG kit, as you will be using it sparingly.

Answer by Geet 07 July 2009

maruti engines are best suitable for other fuel options so go for esteem bcoz u will get boot space too. i am selling my esteem lxi 2006 model, vehicle is in brand new condition if intrested call me on 9869009099

Answer by Neeraj 07 July 2009

the car ois good and give a average of 10 km with ac in city
but tata,s need to do a lot of work on the petrol engine.

Answer by Preetpal 07 July 2009

Hi ranjit,

After an lot of anlysis ihad gone for wagon r and would suggest the same its a cool car compared in this class.Compared to tata is best even santro is ok .Have an test drive of the both and decide.

Now the latest option is the Spark try it also.
But wagon R ---Maruthi its the best.

Answer by Mahesh 07 July 2009


If you have enough money to waste, then buy yourself any TATA vehicle. Else I suggest you to go for Maruti brand.

Answer by HS Kohli 07 July 2009

Tata Xeta is value for money. It is having good space(Width 1665 mm) compared to any vehicle in that segment but engine is noisy & gives more vibration. I run xeta cng & cost me 1.5 -1.75 rs/km with ac in city. I think Cng is better than lpg in any vehicle. Wagon R(Width 1490 mm) is compact but good engine. Santro (1525 mm) has smooth engine. Swift (1690 mm) but costly. Ritz (1690 mm) but costly. Decide yourself but cng is always better than lpg.

Answer by Dr Ketan Jinwala 07 July 2009

Tata indica diesel BS II gives a city mileage of 13-14 with a/c, and a highway mileage of 20 with A/c. But the engine is noisy and vibrations are an issue with diesel. I have also driven WagonR and Santro, both of them are superior to the Indica.
I have no idea abt. the petrol Xeta, but Indica is not really good on aesthetics.Besides i dont expect the Xeta to be vibrationless, as compared to the other two petrol cars.

If economy and internal space is the only criteria, the diesel indica is the clear winner. I havent had any problems with my indica engine, i have it for 4 yrs now, but yes i keep it serviced and oil and coolant changed every 3 months, coz in Delhi's heat of may to august, overheating of engine can be a problem with a/c and in traffic.

Still , if you get a CNG fitment on WagonR or santro , they beat the indica hands down on all deptt., ie, price, economy , mileage, running cost etc., except for internal space.

Take your own decision.

Answer by Rahul Jain 07 July 2009

yes as per my opinion tata's pertrol car is not good so go for marturi wagnor as i have other car is wagnor maruti it is good in lpg and CNG. you go for maruti.

Answer by Amrish 07 July 2009

For god sake no Indica pls, I owned it for 5 years and my life was is not a refined product at all.
Alto or Santro could be the right choice, Just dont look at the pricing....regards, sandeep..

Answer by Sandeep 07 July 2009

Hi Ranjith,
for an engine running on CNG/LPG, the wear & tear is much faster than an engine running on conventional fuel like petrol/diesel as there is no lubrication.Engine with alternate fuel will have a life of ~ 50-60,000 kms before engine overhaul is required.
If your running per day is more than 50kms, go for a diesel engine - Indica Vista/Indica TDI is a good option. Swift diesel use the same engine as in Indica vista. Personally, I have used a Indica DLS for more than 7 yrs without any problems, so my vote will go to Tatas as their core cometenacy is in diesel engine & now with the fiat engine, their product line is further improved

Answer by Dipankar 07 July 2009

take wagonr duo, its a very nice car with lpg

Answer by Dheeraj 07 July 2009
Expert`s comment:

Among the options mentioned, WagonR Duo is a best option.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 08 August 2009
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