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Dear all, good wishes to you. my wife is learning driving now.( she is 35 years old-late to learn!)Iam confused now which car is suitable now to buy. whether new to present to make her happy? OR buy used small car? I WANT TO GIVE her NEW CAR BUT I need your valuable advices. please send as soon as possible before I get CRACY.
By AV George 07 July 2009

i think you should give a used car.because they not drive properle so she do dent in car.ko

Answer by Vimal 07 July 2009

i think first join the driving school and learn at least basic 25 percantage.. get lincence than go for new car which u desire. if u go for old and after driving u will sell u will get return 60/ but if u go for some driving school for 2 month + lincece ur expence may 4000/4500 . so u save time to buying & selling +loss+ harrashment to search good vehicle

Answer by Gautam Jain Chennai 07 July 2009
Expert`s comment:

After getting the licence ,you can decide upon buying the car. Self confidence and good learning is most important for safe driving.Its not about used or new car but confidence which matters more.
As far as going for used or new car is concerned, the new car will be a better selection for its the trouble free handling,warranty back up and sense of posession with new car.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2009

Hi George, Please go for Second hand small car as she is a new driver, As practice makes perfect. and you can always sell the old one any time and buy a brand new and keep it new. its always better to practice on old and it will be less risky, if some dents happens also we can get it done with the local guys cheaper, but cannot take a risk with NEW one.

Answer by Sameer 07 July 2009
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