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Hi, I am planning on buying a used car for my parents. They dont travel a lot, so prefer a petrol engine but want to buy a sedan as it is more spacious in the back and more leg room. i am considering a budget at around 2- 3 lakhs. What are the cars that i can look for. Got a suggestion from a friend of mine that a 2002 esteem might just be around 2lakhs..but not sure... so what are the models and years that i can look out for to find a car in my budget under the sedan class in chennai. all suggestions are welcome...

By Sunil on Jul 8, 2009


  • Expert Hi,
    In the budget range mentioned,You can get god conditioned used carslike Esteem, accent,Ikon,Tata Indigo etc.
    Used Tata Indigo of around 2003/04 model will be best suited for your requirments.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Jul 8, 2009

  • Dear Sunil,

    If you are buying a sedan for your aged parents and that they would not be driving v long distances, I would suggest you should contemplate buying a well maintained Hyundai Sonata. This is only if maintaining the vehicle isnt a major issue with you.

    An esteem is unadvisable for your parents as the rear seating is extremely low the seating isnt comfortable for lumber support and it could give aggravation to their back pain problem. Tata Vehicles are uncomfortable and the ride isnt as smooth enough.

    You should be able to get a Sonata around Rs. 3 lakh. This car is one of the most comfortable, with excellent seating space , gives a mileage of 7-8 km in city [ 10 km- 15 km/ litre on highways depending on your driving skills. ]. You may want to get this converted to LPG to manage running costs. Check for proper suspensions and engine smoothness before buying. Also take a reliable mechanic advice.

    Alternatively you may look at the Hyundia accent too. Avoid Ford cars as they are v expensive to maintain.


    Anand Kute
    Answer by Anand Kute on Jul 8, 2009

  • Dear Sunil,
    If you drive in future Maruti Esteem very comfertable & economy car, But Maruti Co. this car production close. So you bye runing & latest car. If you dont mind my nefew Ford Ikon Black 1.3 Nxt car avilable for sale,Ikon runing only 37000 KM. & showroom conition.Please contact me.
    Answer by Kulwant Sian on Jul 8, 2009

  • Hi i have the car you are looking for Esteem AX i.e auto ignition i have just converted it to LPG so fuel efficenty is no problem i am going abroad and need to get rid of this one call me i am just 3 hrs away in tirupati you can see that car anytime 1.3 L and negotiable as i want to sel it ASAP get in touch
    Answer by Balaji on Jul 8, 2009

  • for less usage maintaining petrol vehicle will not be a problem

    my suggestions are

    Ford ikon
    Ford fiesta
    Even Escort 2000 model will do
    Honda city 1.3
    Mitsubishi lancer

    Answer by Narayanan Premanand on Jul 8, 2009

  • hi,
    it is very nice car without maintainence,im using 1994 model,still it comfortable,go for it u will never have a problem,specially for your parents.
    Answer by Akram on Jul 8, 2009

  • go for it. i had esteem and there is no doubt about its comfort. the back seats are very comfortable. in fact my wife travelled 500 km at a stretch without any problem in rear seats. the price range is OK..ALL THE BEST.
    Answer by Amitabha on Jul 8, 2009

  • dont ever buy a car with manual stearing. i was having an esteem and i sold it mainly it was manual steering. Otherwise the car was good.
    Answer by Gyan on Jul 8, 2009

  • Hi Dear

    I will suggest you that you go for Esteem model 2005-2006 this model is seriously best.Go for the top model VXI you will get looks also as well as Best working A/C with an average of 12-14 depends on cars.
    It will cost you approx 2.7-3.0 lac only it's really comfortable too.
    Answer by Varun on Jul 8, 2009

  • hi sunil, maruti esteem will be best value for money car bcoz buying a car is easier but maintaining and running is the ultimate requirement, so maruti will be best i am selling my esteem lxi, its in brand new condition first owner and highly maintained vehicle if intrested call me on 9869009099 or send me an email at
    Answer by Neeraj on Jul 9, 2009

  • Esteem!!!! chuck it out. I had this car and some how sold it off ( the old model). The later esteems that came out with MPFI, around 2004 - 05 is not a bad option but the looks are too old. Ikon Flair is a good option, but you have to buy a car that has run only below 40k Kms. Maintanance is not as high as people think for Ikon Flair. Do not expext high mileage. But Ikon is the best drivers car after fiesta. Very comfortable.

    U will get a sparsly used 2005 Ikon for about 2 Lacs.

    Answer by Ami on Jul 9, 2009

  • Thanks guys... the feedback was really wonderful.. hmmm i have seen a couple of my friends have a lot of problems with ford regarding maintenance so not going for it... but esteem sounds a good deal.. and Mr.Anand Kute doesnt sonata cost more on maintenance... had honda alos on the mind 2002/2003 model but they are asking for more than 3 lakhs.. anyways.. let me see how the market is for a esteem... thanks for all the replies...
    Answer by Sunil on Jul 10, 2009

  • In case u are going in for a sedan just for rear seat space i would suggest u take a look at a fiat palio which is a hatch but boasts of interior space which is leagues ahead of an indigo,ikon and the esteem is not even close to the kind of space a palio has.I own a palio too and trust me it is a dream to own and with fiat pulling up it's socks in india ownership experience is much car (petrol) give me 13 kmpl with ac in the city and about 16 kmpl on the highway.
    And if it's a sedan that u want then don't look at an esteem as it is horribly cramped.I think the Baleno & Accent make the most sense if u want a sedan as they are spacious and trouble free
    Answer by Rohit on Jul 10, 2009

  • Hi Rohit,

    baleno is a good car... does anyone have any idea about its maintenance since maruti has stopped its production... and any idea how much it would cost...
    Answer by Sunil on Jul 11, 2009

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