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What is the true Milage of Sonata Gold-2000 CC. ( 2002 Model, run 62,000 Kms) The Hyundai people are telling it gives 11Kmpl in city (Non AC)where as i am getting around 6.8 Kmpl( With AC), what best can be done to improve milage of the car? Running without AC will Help enhencing milage? My average trabvel from Home to office is around 10.5KMs. Regards, Swapnil Natu.
By Swapnil Natu 07 July 2009
Expert`s comment:

The expected/provenmileage of Sonata is around 6 to 8 KMPL max.Running without AC does help increase efficiency but by little margine.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2009

Hi Swapnil,

I drive a Sonata myself. It gives me an exact 8 km/ litre in city limits, consistently.

My car also has given me an unheard mileage of 15kms/ litre of motor spirit while driving from pune to mumbai on the expressway at a consistent 60 kms/ hour at 3 am in the morning, without the AC. ( not advisable to drive @60 on the expressway though ). No gear changes, no clutch pressings, no braking.

The best way in which you can improve the mileage of your car is get on to the overdrive at as less speed as possible9 40- 50 kms/ hr ).

Use the first gear to just get ur car in motion thats it. Do not rev up on the first second or the third gears... . drive on the overdrive and let the car roll on itself without u having to accelerate unnecessarily.

Drive as smooth and hiccup less as possible, avoid fast pick ups and sudden braking.....

And of corse... keep your engine tuned up to date , injectors cleaned, and car properly serviced, tyres properly air pressured.

Sonata is a wonderful car. Unfortunate, Indian mentality doesnt allow good cars to succeed.



Answer by Anand Kute 07 July 2009

Me myself is using Sonata Gold 2002 for daily travelling from my home to office (around 12 kms one way) & in peak traffic conditions of Ludhiana i'm constantly getting the mileage of 8-9 kms p ltr. ofcourse with AC on. In winters it gives me 9-10 kmpl.

Answer by Ankur 07 July 2009

Ya even my car had that problem, the problem was in the piston. Do get the piston checked.

Answer by Vishal Sinha 07 July 2009

Try using right fuel, I use Power or Speed and use System G at 10oz / 10 ltrs. Amazing improvement. Initially my car used to 6-7 but nowadays it's around 9, with AC on in City driving conditions ...

Answer by Anish 07 July 2009

Dear Mr. Anand,

I did not understood the "System G at 10oz / 10 ltrs." request you to plz explain little in detail..
Will u plz discribe what exactly the problem was in the piston & how did it detected ( noise or any abnormal vibration etc)..
Also one thing i noticed in my car... if ac is off, hot air comes out from the AC grill...
Even i have seen some of the cars which are very noisy from outside & totally silent in the cabin but my car is totally opposite ( noise is very less outside but noise can be felt inside the cabin.

Thanks & Regards,
Swapnil Natu

Answer by Swapnil Natu 07 July 2009

The true mileage is between 5-7 kmpl in normal city driving
conditions. With AC on, it is between 4-5 kmpl. On the highway, it can touch 10 kmpl.

I dont think there is much you can do but you can sure add an engine oil supplement which is used to enhance engine

go to a good mechanic and ask for engine oil additive. it cools the engine further and makes it smoother. the oil consumption too goes down.

Answer by Chandu 07 July 2009

sonata is nice car....but its a high valueble car in india..the true mileage is between 9 to 10 km in normal city driving non AC...its a between 12 to 14 kmpl on highway non AC...

thanks n regards,
Abhishek Das

Answer by FRMP 12 December 2013

sonata is nice car....but its a high valueble car in india..the true mileage is between 9 to 10 km in normal city driving non AC...its a between 12 to 14 kmpl on highway non AC...

Answer by FRMP 12 December 2013

Is it good too use cng in sonata gold 2004?

Answer by Asfak 07 July 2016
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