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Hi, Is it necessary to take front and then only you can take reverse at the start of the day or can u directly take reverse at the start of the day.Is there anything related that create engine problem if taken reverse directly at the start of the day? OR Is it just a belief? I heard about it and have seen many people doing the same. They slightly take front and put the reverse gear and on.....
By Sunny 07 July 2009
Expert`s comment:

There is no technical co relation between starting and driving first and driving reverse (Faith does matter here as some people belive moving reverse first will affect works of the the day) .You can drive the car as required, it does not affect engine performance.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2009

It is all in the mind. Technically there is absolutely no problem in reversing the car directly without the need for you to take it once in the front and then back.

Answer by Pradeepjauhar 07 July 2009

never in my life thought 'bout it...everyday have to take my car back on reverse first to get out of the garage...will try to go front first from today to see if luck in my life goes into fast forward gear...thanks dude for the suggestion...

Answer by Rao 07 July 2009

Hi Sunny,

It doesnt matter to the engine either ways when you start. its just natural to drive ahead if you have the road clear. Just be a bit careful while reversing immediately at the start that you dont brush against the wall pillars/ car behind.


Anand Kute

Answer by Anand Kute 07 July 2009

hi sunny. i am really surprised you actually asked. it sounds funny though , but even i am of the habit of moving the car a little in the front & then may be back up. its purely psychological ; its got to do nothing with the car or the engine.

Answer by Munaf Patel 07 July 2009

Drivers generally move forward and then take reverse is in case your gear gets jammed in one gearatleast u have got the option of going forward whereas how far can u drive in reverse gear

Answer by Manjunath 07 July 2009
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