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Sir, Which of the 2 TATA vehicles (Diesel)is better for better performance and lesser maintenance in the long run, over4/5 years- INDIGO CS LS or INDICA VISTA QUADRAJET( Aqua)?. Please advise. Rajesh.

By Rajesh Sekhar on Jul 6, 2009


  • Hello.. I would say Indica Vista Quadrajet wud be better as it has the new engine and Indigo CS on the other hand has the same old Turbo engine. I wud suggest you to go for Swift diesel instead of TATA. Becoz tata has higher maintainence, uncomfortable drive and much lower resale that Maruti.
    Answer by Jasmeet on Jul 6, 2009

  • Expert Hi,
    Though performance of Vista is better than Indigo CS,Tata Indigo CS will be a better option for its utility.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Jul 6, 2009

  • take ritz or swift ddis engine. best engine and best cars.
    Answer by Dheeraj on Jul 7, 2009

  • Comparing both, Vista is a better choice, The maintaenance cycle is longer, Newer technology.
    As for a wider choice, choose any vehicle which has 1.3 liter CRDI engine, The best available now, In terms of running cost, maentanace, mieale.
    Swift, Ritz, Fiat Linea & Punto, Verna, Vista all have the same engine, Only the power to RPM is varied in each vehicle.
    Choose any thing u like to drive with this engine.
    Answer by Amit on Jul 7, 2009

  • i think vista is the best for u becuase of its new improved technology.
    Answer by Amit Gupta on Jul 11, 2009

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