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I am looking for a CBZ star , is there is any chance that i could buy a new one (My location:Delhi)
By Soni 07 July 2009
Expert`s comment:

You can go for a CBZ extreem.Its avilable in all show rooms of Hero Honda.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2009

mr soni,
there is no way that you can get CBZ star.
its production has been stopped almost 2 years ago.
and even on earth some how you succed in getting one, then spares are not available.
i my self has worked in hero honda's vendor company so i know that.


Answer by Dushyant 07 July 2009

Hi Soni,

Thr production of the CBZ Star model has been discontinued.It will not be possible to get a new one but with reasonable amount of luck you can get a good used CBZ star.

Answer by Turbashu 07 July 2009

Thankss all of uu above...

hmm, i think nw i've to search a gud bike anywyzz really appreciated ur kind concern

Answer by Soni 07 July 2009

buying a second cbz star is one of the good idea rather than buying the all new cbz xtreme as the main problem behind this bike is that its chain spokets, timing chain, roker, and engine oil go 4 a cbz star bt not older than 3-4 years or done 20k km whichever is better.

Answer by Animesh Nandi 07 July 2009

you can search in hero honda showroms there could be one in inventory.
but u have to search and talk to all showrooms

Answer by Dushyant 07 July 2009

hi soni,

i have allmost new CBZ star, hardly ever used (12000 KM), 100% starch free, parked in my drawing room :-)

Let me know if you need it.

Answer by Rahul 07 July 2009

hi.hero honda has stoped the production of cbz star.instead i will preffer u to go for second hand cbz star or the old cbz which has more power.the handling of cbz is the best for city or the highway,not the new extreme.

Answer by Nishikant Patil 07 July 2009

@ Rahul yea i m give me call mate i'll link up as soon as possible, and Nishikant patil is that ur Red CBZ , i really like ur bike, give me call guyss pls.

Answer by Soni 07 July 2009

Hi Soni,

Getting a new CBZ Star will not be possible as its no more in production, however you can go for rahul's bike (7th response) if its as good as he mentioned.

Answer by Anand 07 July 2009

hi Rahul,

Give me a buzz mate so that i can link up with you..
I've already mentioned my fone numb.

Thanks Anand ji, thankuu for ur concern !!!

Answer by Soni 07 July 2009

I ma sealling my cbz star,ap registration,excellent consition ,black and yelow .

Answer by Suman 05 May 2011

is der any chance of getting new CBZ model 2012

Answer by Raj 07 July 2012

i want new cbzstar plz help me to which is the good way

Answer by Surya 01 January 2013

Hi Im selling my old CBZ 1999 model .. Black ,single owner, fancy number only driven for 35000 .. chennai call me if interested Rs.16000

Answer by Hari 07 July 2013


Answer by SATISH 09 September 2017
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