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Sir, Is the diesel version of FORD IKON good in terms of overall performance and maintenance? Is it better than Punto/Swift Diesel?Is it a trouble-free vehicle? What's its actual mileage?. V. Mahadevan
By Venkat Mahadevan 07 July 2009

hi v. mahadevan,
both the ford ikon and swift are excellent cars in their own really boils down mainly to your requirements and driving style.
the ford ikon(a bit outdated)offers more in terms of cabin as well as boot space but in my opinion is BORING to drive.and not so great resale value.
the swift on the other hand has a peppy diesel engine is much much more FUN to drive but lacks in rear leg room(depends how tall you and your close ones are!)and cargo/luggage space is ok for small items at best.
about the punto .....hhmmm, well i cant help advice you here since its an all new model and honestly i haven't even seen one in if you aren't in a hurry ,you can choose to wait and watch.

Answer by Darxide 07 July 2009

Sir according to me you should go for swift or logan in case of ikon. Ikon is agood car but not good in comparison of swift and logan. If you want to have a small car then you should go for swift and its mileage is superb in case of comparision with ikon and has better resale value than ikon.

Answer by Pulkit Malhotra 07 July 2009
Expert`s comment:

The new Ford Ikon has good performing engine, comfortable interiors.The drawback is reputation of being high on maintenance cost.With Launch of new vehicles very frequently the brand value has come down for Ikon.
Fiat Punto and Swift are hatch backs where as Ikon is a sedan.Sedan cars has advantage of more interior and luggage space.

If prefering a diesel Hatch Back then Punto will be best and if going for Sedan recommended to test drive Indigo CS which is quite cheaper and also offers good value for money.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2009

If u realy need to go for Diesel car, then the best option right now is Indica Vista. U can choose aqua/aura depending on ur needs and also the engine can be chosen from quadrajet/tdi. It comes with all latest features and u can get Aqua tdi for 4,05,000 on road price with 20kmpl mileage and more legroom, boot space, front fog lights, central locking, power windows, tubeless tyres, rear defrogger, bigger glove box, mobile charger, ciggi lighter, etc... Its better than swift which costs 70-80k more and the engine is same, supplied to both by fiat. the driving experince is d coolest one...

if u r opting for sedan then Indigo CS diesel version will be best suitable.with great interiors and space its available for just 4,80, a tata dealer or compare the cars online on or or or just google it....

Answer by Ojal 07 July 2009

I have sold my vehicle
IM buying a new TDCI for my brother as I have graduated to a scorpio
its better than all diesel variants at that price
spares are costly but if the car is looked after u dont need to change often

Answer by Vichin 07 July 2009

hi madavan,
ikon Diesel is a very car in terms of perfomance especially road grip is excellent ,mileage interiors drawback is maintenance and lacks refinement at high speeds.i would suggest you to go for swift diesel best performer of its class in terms of power(powerfull than ikon TDCI) ,response & maintenance have a test drive of both vehicles and decide all the best

Answer by Dr Venkatesan 07 July 2009

Sorry, I had one Petrol Ford IKOn.Diesel car i have no experience

Answer by SUNDARARAJAN 07 July 2009

The Diesel Version of Ford Ikon 1.8 zxi was with me for a period of 2 years. It has never-ever given me any trouble at all. I have always checked its fuel average on full tank to full tank the city it positively gave me 14kms with partial ac and without ac but in the long drives (i went to Bangalore from Hyderabad and returned Hyd) it gave me a decent fuel average of 20.7 Km/Litre. It is sad that i have to sell it due to some money requirement.

Answer by Najaf Ali Mirza 07 July 2009

Hi Venkat,

I would suggest the new Ford Ikon TDCI if you are looking for a sedan and looks. After a huge research on cars i have chosen this model. it's been 7 months i am using it now so let me tell my experiences. The Engine noise is bit high comparitively Fiat engine which is used in Vista, swift, Punto, Palio and Linea however the cabin is silent because of it's build quality. I regularly use this car and i have run 20,000 km till now mostly on highways. I touched 170 km/h without vibration on bangalore to Mysore expressway during my trip from Hyderabad to coorg. If u drive this car on an avarage of 80 km/h speed it will give you 20 km/l milage. Coming to spares then the all new ford ikon spares cost are almost compitive to maruthi spares(U may varify). my maintainance cost till now is just 4000/-INR in 3 services..... Go for Fiat or Ford if you want the same smoothness and pickup even after years...


Answer by Vijay Bhaskar 07 July 2009

okes....d ford ikon is very reliable car and unlike others who say its a big maintenance car....v had no problems until d first accident after which we found d car couldnt get out of d workshop not entirely because of the car as such but also because of the workshops....d service of ford in my place by the company is hell worse..v bought a 1.8 zxi second hand and ve drove it for like 98000...but i bliv maintenace starts coming arnd dat 150000 km mark...i ve no idea about d new ford ikon it is cheaper so they mite hav compromised on d engine specs....but 1 ting for sure is dat its got a very poor resale value due to d change in models as someone earlier pointed out...v sold our car for arnd 150000 after buyin it for 575000...

my friend has a swift and its BEAUTIFUL car...bliv me..and wel maruti vehicles always hav a gud resale talkn about d diesel version but heard swifts face-lifted model is coming so its worth a wait...if ur nt in d mood to wait tata indica vista is a gud 1 to go for coz it has d same engine as swift...dats wat i ve known...plz chek it vit d dealer..punto has good reviews and looks but coz it comes vit a fiat logo dunno hw much it ll b successful in our country but all these are hatchbacks...
im now d proud owner of the all new honda city...i simply love this car but its petrol!!!!

Answer by Janso 07 July 2009
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