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Hello Sir, I want to buy a second car. Basically I want to know about Fiat Palio Stile SL. How is its overall performance and what will be maintenance in future. The model I am considering is June 2007 version and it is run for about 12000 kms. What should be its average price in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. The owner is my friend but I dont know any technical details of vehicle. Pls guide
By Amar Mishra 07 July 2009

Hi sir if you are thinking to buy palio then i dont think it will be a good deal for you.I think you should go for santro or alto in petrol or getz, indica or swift. Palio has no resale value and if you want to buy palio 2007 model with12000 ran the deal should be around 2-2.50 lakhs.

Answer by Pulkit Malhotra 07 July 2009

Hi. You can buy Palio stile. Its performance is good. Fiat engines are popular world over. Mileage is also pretty decent around 14-15KMPL in city. Iam planning to sell mine, Palio Stile SLX 1.1L - Top end model. 2007 Model, 8300 KMS. You can mail me if you are interested.

Answer by Shravan 07 July 2009

fiat has no service centers. but officiall all tata motors are distributor and provide the service, i think expect hyderabad(selected service centers only not all) u can't find more service centers, even i faced same problem at last i sold it off... and u don't have any resell. speare are too cost. no service in districts and towns and even not fully in hyd expect one or two. better go for maruti(alto) hundai(santro,i10....) still ur interst to go.. just check other sites also for to know used cars cost..pls don't go with fiat products..

Answer by Sreenu 07 July 2009

a fiat palio is the most solidly built hatch in india.m telling this cause i;ve done 151000 kms in mine with just regular are easily available and so are the service centers..and since u are buying ur car from a friend i suggest u go in for it..

Answer by Rohit 07 July 2009

Hi. I'm a fully satisfied Fiat Palio owner. IT is an extremely solid car. Built like a tank. Even the engine is extremely smooth and free revving. IT is an extremely hassle free car with no complaints at all. Apart from the routine servicing, it rarely requires any repairing. It is also more spacious than most sedans. You simply cant compare it with other small cars like alto and zen. Go for it. It is a very good and reliable car, provided you dont mind the meager resale value.

Answer by Darshit Jain 07 July 2009
Expert`s comment:

The overall performance of Palio stile is good and makes a good selection as used car.Te palio stile of 2007 can be bought for around 3.0Lac.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2009

Fiat service MAY be an issue going by the responses above - in different parts of the country. Check with a good local mechanic AND the authorised Tata service guys regarding parts, etc. I feel it should be alright in a big city like Hyd.
If you want to have a good ride and enjoy, dont think TOO MUCH about the resale, which may be after 3-5 yrs...
See if you like the car - feel, drive, etc.
Price will vary from city to city; check websites and local persons for pricing.
best wishes!

Answer by Sridhar 07 July 2009
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