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Hi!! I have bought a Tata Indigo GLX.I want to convert it to a LPG vehicle,pls advise if it is ok or not and if ok of which make and how much it will cost me?Its better to get fitted in Pune or in Jamnagar(gujrat)?
By Shailendra 07 July 2009

u can go to cng if u in gujarat and maharstra or delhi because no cng pumps else where in india but ther is 11 stat have lpg pumps. in cng is very cheep agin lpg no dought cng kits are costly camper to lpg but we sujjest to u fitt with cng, we also fitting both kit in resnabel price. our prise start for cng is 28500/- to over and lpg start from 15500/- and over our work shop as ahmehmedabad cell no 09428555331

Answer by Alyasarautomobiles 07 July 2009
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Fitting of CNG would give better fuel economy.But the initial investment and maintenance in ling run is a drawback.We will soon publish new article on comparitive study on different fuels.Plz check News article in

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2009

sir i am purchesing second hand tata indigo glx year 2008 model which is petrol version. now i want to fit lpg kit. give me details about wheter it is reseaneble, or any authorized delar in aurangabad mah. state. for fitting.

Answer by Ravindra Tilkari 12 December 2013

Hello Ravindra, I had Petrol Indica GLG which had peculiar problem of knocking and jerks.
Used to require constant attention on spark plugs, Air filter and fuel filter.
Since the Indigo engine is parent of Indica engine and tata's noob in petrol engines so expected to have same characteristics.
My neighborhood garage assistant mechanic asked me if my car had gone Head gasket job done. It was Jaw dropping question to which the reply was NO. He continued that we had earlier done the Head gasket change in LPG Indica Petrol as the car overheated ultimately a blown head gasket. I am not sure about his claim.
Though my car didn't have overheating problems and i ran it on Petrol only.
So not sure if getting it LPG would be good for engine. Kindly take a word of the LPG owner first and do your homework.
Asst. Mech also claimed Indigo petrol coming to his garage and the owner reports 10kmpl inside city.

Answer by AD 12 December 2013
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